Biden Comments on Home Fire :Hawaii Wildfires Stir Controversy

Biden Comments on Home Fire : President Biden’s comments about a 15-year-old Delaware home fire enraged me. Biden connected his experience to the tragic Hawaii wildfires while on Maui observing the damage.

On burned-out Maui, Biden discussed the lightning strike that ignited his Wilmington house fire. He stated, “I don’t want to compare difficulties, but Jill and I can understand how painful it is to lose a home, even in a small way.” He remembered 15 years ago when lightning hit his house near a large pond when he was in Washington for ‘Meet the Press’ The bolt traveled up into the air conditioning pipes, almost killing my wife, 1967 Corvette, and cat.

In subsequent years, Biden has told this anecdote to empathize with natural catastrophe victims. Lightning struck the Bidens’ residence and ignited a small kitchen fire, according to a 2004 LexisNexis report. The fire was extinguished in 20 minutes by fireme

Biden Comments on Home Fire
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The Republican National Committee’s films and numerous story versions have caused controversy. In several videos, Biden narrated the story with different facts.

A fire damaged Biden’s house, he told Hurricane Ian victims in Florida last October. He told Colorado wildfire victims, in January 2022 that he had almost lost 25% of his home. But in the October 2022 Summit on Fire Prevention and Control, he went further. The smoke from the fire destroyed everything from the basement to the attic and nearly killed the firefighters who helped.

Biden was compared to not caring about Gold Star families harmed by the 2021 Kabul terrorist assault while the U.S. military was leaving Afghanistan based on his Maui remarks. In interviews with Gold Star families, Biden talked too much about his son Beau’s death, which they claimed proved he didn’t care about their suffering

Senator Tom Cotton said Vice President Biden’s indifference shows his true nature. Gold Star families were unhappy with Biden’s treatment of them following the August 2021 Kabul airport attack that killed 13 U.S. service members.

Representative Darrell Issa was waiting for a response from the White House on his request for a meeting between Vice President Joe Biden and the impacted families in Washington, D.C., this month.

During their brief encounter, Cheyenne McCollum, who lost her brother in Kabul, said Biden didn’t make eye contact and talked about Beau instead of her concerns. Shana Chappell, Lance Cpl. Nikoui’s mother also criticized Biden. She said he shifted the conversation to his life and rolled his eyes when questioned.