California Woman Cuts Off Hubby’s Penis


So, this lady in California is having marital problems.

Her solution?

Drug her hubby, tie him to the bed and cut off his penis while taunting him. Catherine Kieu Becker, 48, then allegedly tossed the severed penis in the sink and turned on the garbage disposal.

Why is this worth talking about?

It’s an exercise for every person who buys into the nonsense that any man could have done anything to justify such butchery. Which is exactly the same discredited thought process neanderthals used to justify rape years ago. The claim that a victim somehow  “had it coming” is indefensible in both scenarios.

This incident is worth talking about here because Cynical is all about unraveling propaganda. And one of the most pervasive pieces of propaganda advanced by special interests in recent years is the notion that individual members of traditional victim groups somehow get a free pass when engaging in exactly the same behavior that once was directed at those groups.

They don’t.

If anything, they should be held to higher standards strictly on the basis of personal experience.

True equality is not about taking burdens without the burdens. It’s about shouldering both burdens and benefits.

We have high expectations of everyone here at Cynical, especially the American wage-earners we champion.

The financial pressures being generated by the current hard times are ending a lot of marriages between American wage-earners. If you’re in that situation you need to remember that in this country spouses do not hit one another. They don’t slice and dice one another either.

Decent people end a relationship with the minimum amount of damage to one another and go on their way.

We are not disposable people just because we’re not rich and we need to have higher expectations of oursleves and those around us than the silver spoon mofos who make the world stink.