Coup de Chance Premiere: Woody Allen’s Film Sparks Praise and Protests at Venice Film Festival

Coup de Chance Premiere : Woody Allen’s new movie “Coup de Chance” premiere at the Venice Film Festival received a three-minute standing ovation. There were also protests against the Oscar-winning director due to allegations of sexual abuse by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow. After #MeToo, accusations resurfaced against Allen, but he denies them and faces no charges.

The 87-year-old director arrived at the festival with his wife, Soon-Yi Previn and daughters Bechet and Manzie. This was one of his rare public appearances. Allen and Previn wore nearly identical black formal clothes; Manzie wore a red dress with a navy blue bow and Bechet wore a white dress with a chain belt.

Protesters marched outside the premiere of “Coup de Chance.” They held flyers criticizing the Venice Film Festival for featuring Woody Allen, Luc Besson, and Roman Polanski, who are accused of sexual violence against women, including minors.

Coup de Chance Premiere

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Allen’s previous film “Coup de Chance” was the romantic comedy “Rifkin’s Festival” (2020), featuring Wallace Shawn, Michael Garvey, and Damian Chapa. In a recent interview with La Vanguardia, Allen said that after his 50th movie, he might focus more on writing. Allen said at a press conference, “I’ve been lucky with my movies, and I’ve received praise, attention, and respect I didn’t earn.” I’m lucky and hope it continues.

In an Instagram Live session with Alec Baldwin in June 2022, Allen reminisced about his early filmmaking days. He said, “The thrill is diminished without the full cinema effect.” Allen reminisced about the days when his movies played nationwide in theaters, drawing large crowds.

There’s been much discussion about Allen’s sexual abuse claims in the HBO docuseries “Allen v. Farrow” by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering. Farrow claims Allen abused her as a child. She has discussed this in various stories and on camera.Allen’s work has received both praise and criticism. He has won many awards, including four Academy Awards, but recent personal scandals have made it hard to focus on his work.

“Coup de Chance” adds to Allen’s legacy. Despite a positive reception at the Venice Film Festival, controversy surrounding Allen’s personal life remains divisive among viewers and critics. The praise and protest at a prestigious film event highlight ongoing debates about addressing an artist’s work and personal misconduct.