Dotard President Oversees Deadliest Period in U.S. History

American Covid-19 deaths exceed Civil War mortality record


It’s hard to get your head around the huge death wave stalking the United States, which is claiming more than 1,200 lives a day and has averaged 938 since the Covid-19 pandemic began March 1.

Until you look at some historical comparisons.

About 20 Americans are dying each day right now for each U.S. combat death at the height of The Vietnam War – when our military averaged 46 fatalities a day in 1968.

That makes this the single deadliest period in our nation’s history.

More Americans have died prematurely since March 1, when the pandemic began for us, than at any other comparable time in our 244 year history.

The previous record?

The U.S. Civil War. It generated an average of 504 deaths a day – about half of the current Covid death rate.

We’re literally making history right now. It’s just not good history.

President Donald J. Trump continues to “pooh pooh” the worst crisis since the 1918 Influenza epidemic, which the wannabee dictator views as a minor inconvenience to his personal political aspirations.

Historical comparisons suggest otherwise. They indicate The Moron President is sleepwalking through the single deadliest period in U.S. history, at a time when The Republic is in desperate need of courageous, intelligent leadership.

Case in point, the 1918 Flu Epidemic, which averaged about 462 U.S. deaths a day during its four-year run. We’re burying about 2.2 Americans today for each of them.

Things are not going well.

The U.S. reported its second-highest day of new Covid-19 cases Saturday, with 83,718 new infections, according to data from The all-time record of 87,757 was set Friday.

What’s good about that?

World War I claimed about 134 lives a day, and WWII claimed about 220. Those tallies pale in comparison with the 1,029 Covid deaths we recorded Oct. 21. Our single-day record was 2,753 deaths on May 7, according to

That tally exceeds the 2,501 Americans who died on D-Day.

The good news?

Yes, there’s a vaccine coming for the rich and powerful, and unlimited healthcare for them from the world’s best medical system. The rest of us are going to have to hurry up and wait, and pray the Covid doesn’t morph like the 1918 Flu bug and require new vaccines. Which it will.

Remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks that prompted us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq?

It produced a grand total of 2,605 fatalities in DC, Pennsylvania and New York City. The two wars it spawned claimed another 6,796 lives, which is equal to about a week of U.S. Covid deaths at the current clip.

We’re gonna be about 100 times past the 9/11 death toll  by year’s end, what with the 225,000 deaths from Covid since March 1 and 1,225 a day right now.

Meanwhile, the ass-clown in The White House and his idiot supporters still think the Covid’s no big deal.

Are you fuggin kidding me?

Trump is a failure by any and every measure of leadership by example. He doesn’t value any life but his own; never shut down international air travel; and still thinks going without a mask is an act of courage, instead of selfishness.

Other than that, this clueless rich dumbass is doing a great job.

Why aren’t the inept Dems doing more with this data?

I guess because they’re clueless, sheltered rich private school asses for the most part, whose leaders look like they just escaped from a nursing home.

We’re in crisis. We need real leadership. Not dueling Wall Street sellouts who are 30 years past their prime.

Which is what we have.

This is the end. Not of America, but of the perception of American exceptionalism on the global stage. Courtesy of Donald Trump and the systemic corruption on both sides of the political aisle that allowed Vladimir Putin and Facebook to help him into The Oval Office.

The time for revolutionary change has come.

The Founding Fathers viewed elections as a way to substitute peaceful revolution at the ballot box for blood in the streets. This may be the last chance for a peaceful transition of power, from a sheltered rich moron to anyone else.



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