Dumpling Time Santana Row San Jose CA Review: A Culinary Journey

Dumpling Time Santana Row San Jose CA Review: Dumpling Time is an Asian restaurant that is tucked into the busy fabric of Santana Row.

The menu is like a fascinating story at this great place to eat. Like sesame jellyfish salad and crispy vegetable spring rolls, the Quick Bites dance on your tongue. The bao buns, especially the ones with BBQ pork, are like a symphony for your taste buds. Dim sum fans will love classics like har gow and siu mai, while those who like to try new things can try Xi’an dumplings filled with lamb, vegetables, and spicy pork. People who want gyoza have many options, like pork, chicken, and more.

Review of Dumpling Time on Santana Row in San Jose, California

The trip continues with the draw of soup dumplings, like juicy pork and tempting tom yum goong. Dishes with noodles and rice, like Beijing noodles and veggie fried rice, call out to the picky eater.

We went on a food journey at the Dumpling Time location on Santana Row in San Jose, where we ate.

The Xiao Long Bao: The pork belly, spicy soup, and shao hsing wine in these small dumplings perfectly matched.

About pork gyoza: A tasty mixture of pork, green onions, ginger, and cilantro wrapped in a soft wrapper.

Sesame Jellyfish Salad: An excellent way to start a meal that is both refreshing and interesting to eat.

Dumpling Time Santana Row San Jose CA Review

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Bejing Noodles: With pork, green onion, garlic, ginger, and soybean paste, this dish has a lot of different tastes.

The Chinese five spices, cabbage, and garlic go well with the lamb in these dumplings.

Green beans with garlic: a side dish with a lot of flavor.

Review of Dumpling Time on Santana Row in San Jose, California

Even though Dumpling Time’s food is a little bit richer than Din Tai Fung’s, it is still a great mix of quality and price. The dinner experience is made better by the friendly service and tables outside. There are cozy seats inside for those who want a more private setting.

Overall, our time at Dumpling Time was great, and we can’t wait to return to this cooking gem in the future.

The address of Dumpling Time is SERRANO Building, 378 Santana Row #1035, San Jose, CA, and it invites you to try its delicious food for yourself.