FBI: Pakistan Sought to Influence U.S. Politics


It’s no surprise non-Americans are purchasing influence in our corrupt political system through soft-money political donations (aka legalized bribes), as reported , but most Americans don’t seem to understand that it comes at their expense.

The rise of outside influence means American workers and their families count for less.

The political machines have sold out working voters in pursuit of revenue growth, just as American CEOs have sold them out to enrich themselves and global investors via profit growth. The only difference is that the political machines measure that revenue growth in political donations.

All of which is just further evidence that working Americans can say “goodbye” to representative federal government in the U.S. It is pretty hard for wage-earners to find representative leadership in DC these days because people like us have been replaced by a professional political class that serves itself by expanding existing revenue streams and creating new ones.

The revenue streams for political donations from working Americans pale beside those from corporate interests, other nations, and the wealthy.

Political bribery is both legal and tolerated in DC these days. So much so that Beltway politicians have to be laughing at the two Pakistani front-men arrested for failing to register as lobbyists.

Keep in mind that their alleged crime is concealment, not trying to buy influence with non-American dollars. That behavior is legal, because federal “lawmakers” want it to be legal.

All the defendants had to do was hire a former member of Congress-turned-lobbyist, be upfront about their desire to undermine the influence of America’s working voters and elevate their own, and they would have been fine.

Their only crime is bucking the DC protection racket by doing it themselves.

You can see why the accused might have assumed such a thing would be illegal, but it’s not. Unless you’re dumb enough to call it “class warfare.” Beltway elites don’t use that word.

They don’t call the MX “Peacekeeper” Missile a weapon of offensive war or mass destruction either. It’s a “tool of peace.” Get it straight y’all.

The really vexing question is whether these arrests would have happened if Osama Bin Ladin had not been found hiding next to Pakistan’s leading military academy, allegedly with the support of that nation’s spy agency?

We think not here at Cynical.