Gary Busey Alleged Hit and Run Malibu: Investigation Underway as Actor Faces Serious Accusations

Gary Busey Alleged Hit and Run Malibu : Gary Busey, 79, accused of causing a car accident in Malibu and fleeing the scene. The LA County Sheriff’s Department informed in a statement. The other driver claimed Busey didn’t stop after the accident and didn’t provide license or insurance proof. The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station is investigating the driver’s claim that Busey fled the accident.

The incident occurred near Malibu Pier on Pacific Coast Highway’s 23000 block. After the crash, the video shows what happened next. In the video, the driver chases after a guy named Busey. He’s an actor in movies like “Lethal Weapon.”Sorry, you crashed into my car. “Who are you?” the driver asks. When Busey was caught, he mentioned having “Progressive insurance” to the police in a parking lot and left.

Gary Busey Alleged Hit and Run Malibu

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Busey has a history of traffic issues with the state. In 2015, the LA County Sheriff’s Department said Busey hit a woman with his car while leaving a Malibu shopping center. The woman received aid at the accident site and was then able to depart. Busey faced trouble for inappropriate behavior at the Monster-Mania Convention in NJ last year. He faced charges of two counts of unlawful sexual contact in the fourth degree, one count of illegal sexual contact tried, and one count of harassment.

Contact the Traffic Investigations Office at Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station for accident information. 818-878-1808 is the number. Busey has played for a while, and his role in “The Buddy Holly Story” earned him an Oscar nomination. He’s been on TV a lot and won “Celebrity Big Brother” in the U.K. He was on the 21st season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Gary Busey has a long career in show business and various media. Despite his TV show and Oscar nomination, the hit-and-run charge adds to the star’s legal troubles.

People are interested in what happened on Pacific Coast Highway due to a celebrity’s involvement. Due to Busey’s reputation and past traffic violations, the police are cautious in their investigation.The driver in the “accident” went after Busey and filmed it all. This is crucial for the investigation, as Busey’s notoriety and past legal issues complicate matters. Busey’s team hasn’t responded yet, but it adds to his eventful life story. As the investigation continues, the public and Busey’s fans await more information and potential consequences for the actor.