Google Enhances Android Auto with Zoom: and Webex Integration for On-the-Go Communication

Google Enhances Android Auto with Zoom : To enhance communication, Google is improving Android Auto, its smart driving app. Google plans to add new conversation apps to Android Auto in September 2023. This will make it easier for people to talk on the go. Android Auto is a user-friendly app by Google for using apps while on the move. Android Auto makes using favorite car apps safe and easy. It has a simple interface, big buttons, and voice requests.

The September 2023 feature drop includes new contact apps for Android Auto. Google will soon add Zoom and Webex by Cisco. Users can start and join audio conference calls and view meeting schedules from their car screens. Android Auto can handle ongoing calls. Users can mute their microphones and end talks as needed.

This function is still in beta, meaning it’s being worked on. It may only be available to a small number of Android Auto users initially. Users will need a data link, an Android 11 or later smartphone, and a compatible car with Android Auto to use this new feature.

Google Enhances Android Auto with Zoom

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Google’s September 2023 feature drop enhances various aspects of the Google environment, not just Android Auto. These changes include activity and sleep data from Fitbit or Google Fit in Personal Routines, improvements to the Assistant at a Glance widget, updates to Android Auto apps, changes to Google Assistant, the addition of Image Q&A for Lookout, importing photos from Google Wallet Pass, and other changes across platforms.

Adding a communication app to Android Auto will enhance its usefulness for drivers. With Zoom and Webex by Cisco, users can manage conference calls, check schedules, and handle live calls from their car interface. This feature is still in progress, but Android Auto users should have access to it soon. It will improve driving and enhance technology usage while driving. Google’s feature drop improves its ecosystem and enhances user experiences across various products and services.