Gun-Toting Granny Caps Son


Anna Mae Blessing, 92, gave birth to a son 72 years ago and raised him up with the expectation she would be treated with equal consideration when she was old and helpless. Instead of being cast aside like used toilet paper.

That was a reasonable expectation on her part.


Many people see Blessing as a villain. I see her as a heroine with a timely message for us all: No American is excess humanity.

If you think this story is only about an old lady who didn’t want to go to a nursing home, you’re wrong. It’s actually an allegory for how the faltering middle class might respond to the toxic elites who are stealing our democracy, jobs, homes, healthcare and savings; poisoning our food supply, waterways, and planet; and transforming our kids into debt slaves and plastic sex dolls.

Blessing wasn’t unhinged. This helpless old lady was courageous. Her violent response to her son’s betrayal is one possible option for how we the faltering middle class might choose to handle our own betrayal by the toxic elites we’ve cared for and protected for centuries in the fading American Republic.

When junior betrayed the familial bond of trust Blessing regulated him.

Excerpt: “As the suspect was being escorted from the residence, she made a spontaneous statement to the effect of ‘You took my life, so I’m taking yours.'”

I think most middle class Americans would agree we’re getting to the same place with our nation’s royal wannabees. 

Every creature has the right to self-preservation and, failing that, the rough justice of personal revenge at their own hands.

What’s the difference for Anna Mae Blessing?

She was going to prison either way. Just like the poor and faltering middle class in this dysfunctional society of the rich, arrogant, and useless. When detectives asked Blessing what should happen to her for her alleged crime she said she “should be put to sleep.”

Just like a dog.

So much for the myth of American Exceptionalism.

There’s an old saying that you can judge the quality of a society by how it treats its most helpless citizens. Meaning, prisoners and the elderly and infirm. Like Mrs. Blessing.

The painful truth is Blessing didn’t fail America. We failed her. Just as we’re failing millions of other Americans who are of no further use to our nation’s toxic elites.

Blessing is being held in the Maricopa County Jail on charges of homicide, aggravated assault and kidnapping. Her bond was set at $500,000, which is ridiculous. She appeared slow to comprehend the arraignment judge during and clearly does not pose a flight risk.

The woman doesn’t appear long for this Earth. It’s a damn shame she couldn’t spend her final days in the bosom of her family, with the assistance of a state-funded home health care aide or the like. Other countries habitually do that for their citizens.

Our legal system is ill suited to deal with aged offenders and the judge’s admonition that Blessing could not return to her home if she makes bond and would be given one opportunity to retrieve her belongings was idiotic for a woman who appeared before him in a wheelchair. Somehow I don’t see her wheeling a dresser outside on a moving dolly.

Such is the state of criminal justice in the increasingly dysfunctional American Police State. We’re a Nation of Rules now, with a sliding scale for the rich. We’re no longer The Nation of Laws of The Greatest Generation.
Once upon a time, the rich led by example. Just like former president Teddy Roosevelt, the silver spoon who led the charge up San Juan Hill in the Spanish American War and explored the Amazon, and John F. Kennedy, who commanded a patrol boat in the Pacific during World War II.

Today’s toxic elites aren’t worth a damn by comparison.

The modern Country Club Set can’t do anything for themselves, but hire a working man or woman. Can’t mow their own lawns, feed themselves, raise their own kids, grow their own food, change their own oil, or even clean their own homes. When they go hunting they pay a guy to tie a docile farm-raised animal to a tree, load their weapon and put it in their hands. Afterwards, they pay the same schmuck to bag it and tag it.

Eff them for the parasites they are. They ain’t worth shit without the stolen resources most of them either inherit or accumulate from the rest of us. Working two hours a day to our 10, 12, or 14 and calling us “Welfare Queens.” When we all know they’re the ones who are really lazy, idle and weak.

They’re playing ruthless divide-and-conquer games with us now via identity politics in a bid to turn the faltering middle class and poor on eachother. So we won’t notice just how fat, helpless and undeserving the Kardashians, Trumps, Clintons, Waltons, Bloombergs, Kochs and Hiltons really are.

Without a working person to protect them, most of our toxic elites can’t even walk down a street outside a rich enclave like The Hamptons.

They camouflage the class warfare they’re waging against the rest of us behind names like “capitalism” and “communism.” As if those discredited belief systems make a difference any more in a nation where the middle class could once afford a doctor’s house call and owned their own homes. We’re a nation of renters now, with rotting teeth and untreated illnesses, who can’t even afford to raise a family.

Seen in that context, this nonagenarian filicide really is a blessing of sorts.  It’s a tale of a cautionary tale of ruler and ruled.

It’s also an analogy for one possible path the faltering middle class can take in response to the increasing predations of royal wannabees like Donald Trump and Hillary Clnton and the open treason of willing collaborators like KellyAnne Conway, Clarence Thomas and Anthony Bologna.

Personally, I favor a peaceful alternative. I’d like to see our toxic elites impoverished, cut off from phones and computers, and confined to an isolated community where they have to do their own manual labor to survive. Some place like  in the Dry Tortuagas or Thule Air base in Greenland.

We can rename those distant, lonely places “The Hamptons” and “Mar-a-Lago” to appease their need for status.

Sadly, this peaceful solution to the problem this generation of failed elites poses for America requires a functioning democracy, where big money speaks softly or not at all. We no longer have one of those, according to former president Jimmy Carter.

How did we get here?

Here are the Milestones:

1) 9/11 Terror Attacks, 2001
The Sept. 11 terror attacks were the Reichstag Fire our toxic elites used an an excuse to set the destruction of representative democracy in motion. Instead of attacking the Saudi royals who were actually behind the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, they gutted our freedoms and launched an empire of foreign and domestic conquest. It began with a grab for oil in Iraq, a Saudi opponent with absolutely no involvement in 9/11.

2) Citizen United, 2010
Citizens United was a judicial coup d’etat which allowed our toxic elites to make unlimited donations behind their corporate names. Meanwhile, the rest of us are still limited to $2,700 individual donations. Not that it really matters when you’re fighting for basic financial survival every day and can’t spare a twenty.

3) Facebook’s Initial Public Offering, 2012
For-profit Social Media is the mechanism that allowed the Police State to fully flower behind the pervasive data surveillance   enabled in 2001.

When Facebook became a publicly traded company it immediately became a powerful force for evil instead of good. Our laws require CEOs to maximize shareholder value by any means necessary. When that approach is applied to social media the result is a financial scaling of free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of association and the free press.

Those with money still have those rights. The rest of us now have the choice between being employable and silent or unemployable and patriotic.

4) President Donnie Bagadonuts
The Wall Street cheerleader in The White House is a bigoted, entitled, hateful, draft-evading, lazy piece of rich garbage. He is also the proverbial “dictator waiting in the wings” and your Lord and Master.

5) What’s Next
In 2020, we’re going to see the election of the other half of the Wall Street Cheerleader Party.

How do I know?

Because we never have elections that feature presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders or Dwight Eisenhower, who want to regulate Wall Street excesses and put people ahead of corporate profit growth again.

Our rigged elections feature dueling Wall Street cheerleaders and royal wannabees every time now. And when the masses tire of the Trumps and Bushes, they stick us with the Clintons.

When do the American people come first?


Monarchy is back folks. It just doesn’t use words like “King” and “Queen” any more. They’ve been replaced by CEO, investor, private equity and hedge funds. Meaning those with access to the synthetic investment vehicles which have made money irrelevant for the super rich and given us a

The result for the trustfund babies is a free pass every day of their life and the right to treat the rest of us like plastic fuck dolls.


Were you really looking for a happy ending to this screed?

That’s your social programming.

This column is called Painful Truths. If I was going to dupe you with comforting lies and sins of omission we’d call it  something like Fox News, Breitbart or Inforwars.

Sadly, I continue to reside in the reality-based community.


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