Jimmy Buffett Legacy: Remembering the Music Icon

Jimmy Buffett Legacy: Jane Slagsvol, wife of the late singer Jimmy Buffett, praises his humor and affectionately refers to him as her “heart” in a touching tribute. After Jimmy’s death on September 1, she appreciated the global support she received.

In her message on Buffett’s website, she reflected on the challenges of aging, which Jimmy Buffett had also discussed, and highlighted their resilience during tough times. They were married for a long time, 45 years.

Even in tough times, Jane and Jimmy found solace in the love and support of those around them. They were always treated warmly and kindly in any setting, event, or hospital. Jane thanked everyone in the group.

She saw Jimmy’s devoted fans, known as “Parrotheads,” as family. Over time, these fans became lively, bringing joy to Jimmy’s life and shows.

Jane Slagsvol thanked the doctors and nurses for caring for Jimmy during his Merkel cell skin cancer battle. She knew Jimmy’s friends were essential and significantly improved their lives.

She said Jimmy Buffett was kind and always smiled, even when sick. He was always cheerful and had a great sense of humor, brightening the lives of those around him.

Jane expressed deep gratitude to her family for their importance in her and Jimmy’s lives. She was grateful for their love and support, feeling they were in her heart.

Jimmy Buffett’s music will endure, and his children Savannah, Sarah, and Cameron will continue his legacy.

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