Johnny And Associates Bold Moves to Make Amends: Addressing Abuse Scandal Victims in Japan

Johnny And Associates Bold Moves to Make Amends: Johnny & Associates, a Japanese company forming boy bands, appointed ex-judges to aid abuse scandal victims. This move, announced on a Wed, shows the agency’s effort to fix past mistakes.

Next year, Tokyo business won’t take its usual cut of performers’ earnings. It helps regain public trust. Proceeds from shows and events go to organizers. This change reflects their desire to rectify past errors.

Johnny & Associates, or “Johnny’s,” addressed the misconduct of their late founder and former head, Johnny Kitagawa. Last week, it was revealed that Kitagawa sexually abused hundreds of children and teens for 50 years.

Johnny’s group can find life-saving help on a website. With this tool, people can get money while maintaining privacy. Financial arrangements will be made by directly talking with each party, ensuring unique plans.

The gov didn’t punish Kitagawa. He died in 2019. Julie Fujishima recently quit her job. She’s Johnny’s niece and CEO of Johnny’s. She was replaced by Noriyuki Higashiyama, a famous Johnny’s star now in charge. Fujishima is no longer CEO but is still on the board and owns the entire business.

Japan is shocked by Kitagawa’s bad behavior, leading more abuse victims to speak out.

Johnny’s will enhance corporate control and employ a compliance officer to uphold moral standards. The company apologizes for Kitagawa’s actions and acknowledges their severity. It will aim to get paid and prevent recurrence.

This event changed more than just Johnny’s life. Asahi Group Holdings and Suntory Holdings will stop using Johnny’s stars in their ads and promotions. Kao Corp., a chemical and manufacturing company, joined other empathetic and inclusive companies.

Johnny And Associates Bold Moves to Make Amends

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McDonald’s Japan¬† won’t partner with Johnny’s stars in the future, but their ads are still on the website.

Japanese media was silent on Kitagawa’s libel case despite books and court rulings. NHK asked why they didn’t cover the story. They said Kitagawa not being caught was one reason. Some writers prioritized profit over truth. “Choosing bread over pen” sums it up.

This year, nine injured people joined forces to act. They want you to apologize and compensate them. They sought help from the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and engaged with Parliament to be heard.

The U.N. Working Group on Business and Human Rights asked Japan for help with past actions. The U.N. and Johnny’s investigations found that Kitagawa often abused children, especially at home after auditions or lessons. One victim reported being raped 200 times, a terrifying number. Everyone knows about this terrible situation; many are hurting and seeking justice.