Kevin Costner Ex Christine Baumgartner: Ordered to Pay $14K in Court Fees

Kevin Costner Ex Christine Baumgartner : The judge ordered Christine Baumgartner to pay Kevin Costner’s attorney fees for not answering his lawyers’ questions. Baumgartner must pay $14,237.50 in fees by September 22. Judge Anderle made this choice at a meeting where he also denied some other requests from Costner. Baumgartner asked Costner for bank papers and $9,000 for lawyer’s fees, but her request was denied.

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner continued their court battle over their divorce following Judge Anderle’s decision to deny an increase in Costner’s monthly child support payments. Baumgartner wanted more money, and he asked for $30,245. This would total $161,592 per month. The judge ruled that the payments would remain at $63,209 to avoid being perceived as “hidden support for the spouse.” Costner oversees the children’s healthcare, private school education, after-school activities, and the eldest son’s car expenses.

Costner discussed his feelings on the court case. He said, “When you’ve been with someone for a long time, nobody wins… and life is this huge, wild thing that can change so fast.” He mentioned their plans to care for the children. He’s confident they’ll find a way to make it work and share duties. We need time to rest and recover.

Kevin Costner Ex Christine Baumgartner

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Some lawyers said Baumgartner’s request for more child support was a “bad idea.” They said the initial $129,000 per month was already significant, and altering it could have negative consequences. The decision could be a “warning sign” for Baumgartner as the couple is going to trial in November to determine the legality of their premarital agreement.

Baumgartner discussed her future career plans and her “boyfriend,” a long-time family friend. Costner went to the front of the courtroom and discussed his money and how the split had impacted his life. Baumgartner asked Costner to end things in May. She said they broke up on April 11. Caden, Hayes, and Grace are their kids’ names. In court, the case reveals the challenges famous people face when getting divorced.