Loving on Actress Kristen Johnston


There should be a photo of Nadya Suleman, the so-called “Octomom,” in the dictionary under “fame addict.” As a matter of fact, she could probably fill up a lot of pages under headings like “selfish,” “vain,” “short-sighted,” and “idiot.” 

There’s just nothing positive to say about someone who uses tax dollars to cover the expenses associated with having more kids than they can care for. It’s bad enough when the kids result from poor family planning by a teen, but it’s a downright crime when a knowledgeable adult engages in such behavior strictly to gain attention from checkbook media operations.

Why is Octo worth talking about on Cynical?

Because of the ridiculous notion being pushed on our young people that fame is its own reward.

It’s not.

Fame is about being good at something. Having a skill and performing it an exceptional level. It’s not about engaging in outrageous behavior that decent people avoid. That’s infamy.

Not the same thing at all.

So, kudos to actress Kristen Johnston, of 3rd Rock from the Sun, for laying into the Octomom for not paying more attention to her noisy brood during a two-hour delay in their flight back home to California from New York City. Suleman had packed the kids off to the Big Apple for an appearance on The Today Show. Probably paid.

Which raises three obvious questions for the fake journalists at The Today Show:

First, “when do you stop enabling?” Ever?

Second, “Is there anything you won’t do for ratings?”

And third “did you folks miss the ethics class where journalists were taught that we don’t pay for news?”

Octo’s response to Johnston speaks volumes about the fame agenda of this woman, who now apparently would like the elevated social status that comes from being a “victim,” or at least pretending to be a victim, in our ratings-twisted society.

She actually told Johnston “how would you like me to keep eight 2-year-olds quiet?” Her rep – yes, she has a rep – actually tried to defend Octo by telling TMZ that “it’s not easy to travel with one two-year-old let alone eight two-year-olds on a plane. She did the best anyone could.”

No shit.

That’s why decent people don’t have eight kids at the same time.

Octo not only made that monstrously irresponsible decision, but was already a mother of five when she did. So it’s safe to say she knew eight kids would be too much, but decided that wasn’t her problem.

It’s our problem and the kids’ problem and Kristen Johnston’s problem, which brings us back to the old Cynical peeve about “jackasses” who try to take benefits without burdens in this nation.

That’s another definition in the dictionary the infamous Suleman could stake a claim too. Also, “fake victim.”

Octo recently told In Touch Weekly that she hated her children and the older ones were becoming like “animals” because she didn’t have time to discipline them – a.k.a. raise them.

These poor kids. They never asked to be props and that’s really what they are. Props in the reality TV show of an unhinged person whose real agenda is getting TV air time.

Suleman will do anything to salve her fame addiction. Including having plastic surgery to make herself look like Anglina Jolie and dragging eight toddlers across the country to support her schtick.

This hot little mess isn’t going to have a happy ending.