Mandurah Unites Against Lung Cancer: Shining Light in the Shadows

Mandurah Unites Against Lung Cancer: In a heartfelt gathering, Mandurah residents and their neighbors converged at the War Memorial on a poignant Saturday, November 4. Their mission: to honor those who have succumbed to the grasp of lung cancer and to illuminate the dark corridors of this relentless disease.

At the helm of this gathering was the dedicated organizer, June Williams, with unwavering support from the Lung Cancer Foundation and the able coordination of William Ho. This event stands as a testament to the broader initiative during Lung Cancer Awareness Month, celebrated nationwide in November.

Every day, the disheartening diagnosis of lung cancer reaches the ears of 39 individuals. In the context of Australia, it ranks as the fifth most prevalent cancer, yet it bears the heavy cross of the lowest survival rate and an absence of a definitive cure.

The prevailing stigma linking lung cancer with smoking casts a long shadow. However, the truth is stark, as emphasized by Ms. Williams: “If you have lungs, you can be touched by lung cancer.”

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Ms. Williams had a profound motivation to host this gathering in Mandurah. Her vision extended beyond city limits, aiming to offer an opportunity for residents from surrounding areas, such as Collie, Bunbury, and Mandurah, to partake in this essential event without the need to trek to Perth.

While the gathering did raise a considerable sum, earmarked for vital research and support for lung cancer nurses, the primary objective was a more profound one. It was about weaving the community together, uniting hearts and minds, and raising the flag of awareness high.

In a significant stride towards combating this formidable adversary, the federal government’s announcement in May bore fruit. The launch of the National Lung Cancer Screening Program has received a substantial financial infusion of $263.8 million over four years, commencing this financial year (2023-24). This initiative seeks to establish and sustain a nationwide, targeted lung cancer screening effort, poised to deliver early detection and intervention for at-risk Australians.

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