Marilyn Monroe Brentwood Home: LA City Council Considers Historic Monument Status

Marilyn Monroe Brentwood Home: Something surprising has happened to Marilyn Monroe’s last house in Brentwood. The Los Angeles City Council is considering keeping the house, so it may be kept intact. Councilmember Traci Park, in charge of the Brentwood district, strongly wants to save the building from being torn down by making it a Historic-Cultural Monument.

People and the government noticed this change after selling the house in July. People who knew the building’s historical and cultural importance were worried when the new owners quickly requested a permit to tear it down.

A sad part of the tale is how close Monroe was to the house. In 1962, when she was 36 years old, she died there. The star died too soon because he took too many barbiturates, which was a tragedy.

People reacted when they heard the building would be torn down. Many people asked Councilmember Park to keep Marilyn Monroe’s home safe and her spirit alive.

The LA City Council¬†agreed with Park’s last-minute request to make the house a historic building. With this news, the building won’t be torn down. Instead, the Office of Historic Resources will detail the property’s culture and historical importance.

Even though the house is well-known and gets much attention, little is known about who lives there now. An LLC was used to move the land. In July, the LLC gave ownership of a building to a trust. Councilmember Park was surprised that the house’s owner hadn’t said anything about its past or the famous person who used to live there.

The Brentwood house was built in 1929, and property records show it is worth about $8 million. People are talking about this shocking event because it reminds us of Marilyn Monroe’s lasting popularity and the power of her memory. This Hollywood history is being kept alive as a tribute to a legendary person in the entertainment world.

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