Matthew Savoie Injury: Clouds Buffalo Sabres’ Rising Star’s Future

Matthew Savoie Injury: In a terrible turn of events, rising star Matthew Savoie of the Buffalo Sabres hurt his upper body. Savoie’s moment of potential in the last game of the Buffalo Prospect Showcase was a bad loss.

Savoie’s lousy luck started 15 seconds into the game when he fell near the Pittsburgh Penguins’ goal and hit the rigid boards hard. Savoie held his left shoulder tight as he got off the ice. This was a bad sign for what would happen to him soon.

The Buffalo Sabres’ prospect coach, Seth Appert, revealed the bad news and hinted there would be a review on Tuesday. The terrible irony is that NHL training camps start on Wednesday, putting Savoie’s chances of making the team in danger.

The 19-year-old star was chosen ninth overall in the 2022 draft. Had just a great season with the WHL’s Winnipeg Ice. Fans and experts thought he would move up quickly after he scored 38 goals, had 95 points, and 29 points in the playoffs.

Savoie kept playing well at the showcase event. Against Montreal, he scored two goals to show off his skills and raise hopes for his future impact. The Sabres’ win over New Jersey showed how good he could be, which made it hurt even more that he was suddenly taken out of the game against Pittsburgh.

For the 2022–23 season, Savoie is one of the best prospects for the Sabres, along with Ice star Zach Benson and AHL star Jiri Kulich. Buffalo is holding its breath and hopes that Savoie’s injury will heal so he can return to trying to make the team soon.

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