Meg Ryan Returns to Big Screen With What Happens Later Talks Iconic Scene That Embarrasses Kids

Meg Ryan Returns to Big Screen With What Happens Later: Meg Ryan, 61, returns to the big screen after eight years with “What Happens Later,” a love comedy releasing on Oct. 13. She acts in the movie, helped write the script, and ran the show. The film is about two friends trapped at an airport in a snowstorm. David Duchovny is also in the movie. In a recent interview, Meg Ryan discussed her kids’ discomfort with her fake orgasm scene in “When Harry Met Sally.”

Ryan’s 31-year-old son, Jack Quaid, and 19-year-old daughter, Daisy Ryan, were embarrassed during a family call. “Mom, this thing makes us feel bad,” they told Ryan. Jack stayed at a hotel in NYC across from Katz’s Deli, where the famous scene was shot. The actress mentioned an arrow pointing to the table where the scene was shot, making it more awkward for her kids.

During the convo, the rom-com legend discussed past work and shared the story of a famous deli scene. During a 2019 reunion, it was revealed that the scene had to be done multiple times with Billy Crystal and director Rob Reiner. Reiner joined the scene to demonstrate his desired outcome. Crystal joked that he had eaten 27 pastrami sandwiches by the end of the shoot.

“When Harry Met Sally” was successful at the box office and earned Ryan a Golden Globe nomination. She later starred in popular romantic comedies in the 1990s, like “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail.”

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Ryan returns to movies after an eight-year hiatus. In 2015, she directed her first movie. It was a thriller called “Ithaca,” where she and her son Jack acted. Ryan said acting in her new film was easy because she had already done all the work. She wanted to direct again and was happy with the new movie’s outcome.

The actress wrote the script for “What Happens Later” during COVID-19. With co-writer Kirk Lynn, she adapted Steven Dietz’s draft into the movie’s final story. Ryan mentioned that the story evolved over a year and a half, with her Zoom chats with co-star David Duchovny contributing to it.

Ryan’s son with ex-husband Dennis Quaid is Jack Quaid, and she adopted Daisy in 2006. The Connecticut native and 90-year-old Carol Burnett discussed her past and journey into acting and directing. This showed Burnett still has more to give on and off screen.

Despite potential embarrassment from her family, Meg Ryan’s impact on romantic comedies remains undeniable, and her upcoming film is highly anticipated.