PMS and Early Menopause: Unveiling Surprising Connections and Health Implications

PMS and Early Menopause: The study suggests PMS and PMDD effects may continue. People with these diseases may have cramps, headaches, and mood swings. They might have early menopause.

This study found that women with PMDs are more than twice as likely to experience early menopause as women without these illnesses. Early menopause happens when periods stop before age 45. 5% of women experience it, not just those pregnant or trying to conceive.

Early menopause may cause heart, bone, and nerve health problems. This new information emphasizes women’s health in early menopause risk.

The study, in JAMA Network Open, included over 3,000 women. Only 1,220 had PMDs, while 2,415 didn’t. In the Nurse’s Health Study II, records were kept to study women’s diseases. Researchers studied menopause signs in women until 2017.

This study links PMS to early menopause but not causation. Still, it underscores the lack of awareness and treatment for PMS and other fertility issues in women.

The study was led by Dr. Donghao Lu, an associate professor at Karolinska Institute. He thinks there’s a biological link between the conditions, but more research is needed to confirm.

PMS and early menopause affect young women linked to smoking. Chemical effects on mood in women may be linked to hypothalamus changes that control hot flashes.

Studies aid in identifying individuals at higher risk of early menopause despite remaining uncertainties. Caring for PMS and early menopause is vital for health. Menopause can be managed differently.

Dr. Faubion suggests seeking professional help for menopause. PMD patients have limited options but must still consider risks. They can consult a doctor for assistance.

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