San Jose Mayor Opposition to Worker Contracts: Sparks Budget Debate

San Jose Mayor Opposition to Worker Contracts: The San Jose mayor faced pushback for criticizing the city’s deal with worker groups. The City Council approved the contracts, but Mayor Mahan opposed them due to budget concerns and service cuts. He said managing resources requires long-term thinking.

Mahan supports paying city workers, but maximizing limited resources is crucial. San Jose needs $1.7 billion for repairs, but tax revenue is decreasing.

The city manager, Jennifer Maguire, plans to reduce programs, road safety, and crossing guards due to cost-of-living raises. The new union contracts will last until June 30, 2026, with higher costs than the 2023-2024 budget. Next year, the budget deficit may be $28.7 million.

Union workers discussed dissatisfaction and the need for more benefits, like parental leave. Some said the city should manage its finances and avoid overspending.

Over 4,000 people will get raises and extra time off for family due to the deals. Despite the changes, it remains challenging for San Jose workers to afford living in Silicon Valley. A worker earns $52,000 and pays over $2,300 in monthly rent.

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