San Jose Shocking Stalking Case: Unmasking the Swatting Terror

San Jose Shocking Stalking Case: Efren Loredo caused a series of criminal threats and stalking cases in San Jose.

Between Sept 1 and Sept 11, Loredo allegedly made many anonymous bomb threats and engaged in “swatting.” It was a weird thing to happen. Swatting is making fake 911 calls to report nonexistent significant crimes. It can result in SWAT teams being dispatched, endangering innocent individuals.

It’s scary that Loredo did things worldwide. Threats occurred in San Jose. They visited Redwood City and, oddly, even Kansas City, Missouri. The threats were highly detrimental to people’s mental health due to their alarming nature.

One fake report claimed someone was at a house intending to harm their family, while another claimed they planned to harm themselves. These lies scared everyone, including the cops who had to respond to the calls.

Loredo’s ex lived in a house in San Jose that received many swatting calls. It worsens the situation. Police say Loredo has a history of making threats against this woman and her husband, making this case even more alarming.

Detective Martinez leads the Assaults Unit at San Jose PD. This group seeks truth. People are asked for more info to aid the probe. To ensure accountability for those responsible and restore peace and safety for the victims, the community must unite and remain vigilant. If you have information about this case, please call Detective Martinez at (408) 277-4161.

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