San Jose Sports Hall of Fame Welcomes New Athletes: Lorrie Fair Patrick Marleau Dave Stieb and Chris Wondolowski

San Jose Sports Hall of Fame Welcomes New Athletes: The San Jose Sports Hall of Fame invited new athletes. The four recognized individuals are from the Bay Area or played for San Jose teams. They highly value the award. Lorrie Fair, Patrick Marleau, Dave Stieb, and Chris Wondolowski achieved a lot. Mayor Mahan led the event.

These players impacted college sports, professional sports, the Olympics, and sports abroad. Patrick Marleau is a Shark player. He was on the team for 20+ years, so his name is part of its history. Feeling grateful for the support, he appreciated the honor.

Lorrie Fair, also chosen, learned soccer in South Bay. She won three NCAA championships, a gold and a silver at the Olympics, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup in ’99. Her acceptance is a victory for her and others.

Chris Wondolowski, aka “Wondo,” joined San Jose Earthquakes in ’05. Since then, he’s scored the most goals in MLS. He’s one of the greatest athletes, with two MLS titles and MVP.

Dave Stieb is a 7-time All-Star. He excelled at Oak Grove High School and San Jose City College. In the 80s, he aided the Toronto Blue Jays, unaware of the honor’s magnitude.

The San Jose Sports Hall of Fame honors athletes in its 28th year. The event is on Nov 8 at SAP Center. It’s a night to celebrate players’ accomplishments.

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