San Jose Stabbing Near University Sparks Investigation: Unraveling the Mystery

San Jose Stabbing Near University Sparks Investigation: Police are investigating a stabbing near San Jose State University. In the calm Colonnade Apartments, screams and blood disturbed the quiet.

At 4:15 a.m., near S. 4th and San Carlos streets, in front of the university. It was a chaotic scene that shocked and scared people.

In the chaos, three college police officers responded swiftly despite not being expected to. The fast arrival of the first officer shows their dedication to neighborhood safety.

In the garage, they saw a distressing sight: an injured person on the floor, with the assailant holding the weapon. The officers quickly apprehended the armed person and ensured his capture.

The San Jose Police Department handled the case as the city addressed the event.

Officials confirmed no student involvement in the deadly fight. They stressed the need for university safety. They were proud of their officers’ efforts in keeping the neighborhood safe.

Colonnade Apartments residents requested more nighttime security due to rising downtown crimes.

As the community mourns, questions remain. We lack info on suspects, victims, and events leading to tragedy. Authorities will soon release more information in their search for justice. It sheds light on the tragic event that shook the city.

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