Security Concerns at James Lick High School: Spark Demand for Immediate Safety Reforms

Security Concerns at James Lick High School: Two scary incidents occurred at James Lick High School in East San Jose. Teachers and parents are concerned for child and staff safety. After these events, there’s been a rise in demands for more security and police presence.

On August 7, 8 people broke in. It was the first event. During a fight, someone called for help. The intruders arrived in two cars, injuring two staff members and a student. Violence worsened, but a staff member intervened. A teacher was attacked while photographing a car’s license plate, resulting in a severe head injury and hospitalization.

The eight dangerous individuals in the school highlight the severity of the situation. The results were poor, and a teacher, security guard, and student attacked all suffered injuries.

The next scary thing happened on August 17, 10 days later. Seven intruders attacked two students with knives on the P.E. blacktop. The P.E. teacher’s quick thinking saved the kids.

These events shook the school community, requiring immediate safety changes. Enhance security, review safety plans annually, and openly address safety concerns. The James Lick High School fight was reported to parents via a teacher’s social media video.

Teacher Michael Gatenby formed The Coalition for Reform of East Side S.J. High Schools on Facebook to address community concerns.

At a Sept 7 meeting, teachers and parents requested school improvements. P.E. teacher Courtney Garcia and another teacher applied pressure to a student’s wounds to save him. Despite her fear, she was unaware of the district attack.

The situation at James Lick High School highlights the need for urgent security measures. Some neighbors hesitate to call the police due to labeling, while others prioritize community safety.

Security Concerns at James Lick High School

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The school’s safety team needs to be prepared. They need formal training, using tools like whistles and walkie-talkies to handle risks like knives and guns.

Mark Adams, a James Lick High School teacher, expressed teachers’ helplessness regarding school safety concerns. Last year, the union requested changes to campus police. Teachers and parents prioritize safety and act promptly.

Teachers risk their lives as student security guards. Parents like Gina Gutierrez emphasize the importance of police in schools to prevent violence and ensure a safe learning environment for future generations.

People seek quick and efficient ways to ensure school safety while addressing security concerns.