Mark Zuckerberg: Roy Cohn 2.0, Silicon Valley Edition

No One Enables Class Warfare Quite Like Facebook's Sawed-Off Despot


“” was in my thoughts today as I pondered Facebook’s emergence as an engine of tyranny and its founder’s status as the preferred enforcer for the new royals of the global economy. 

If Roy Cohn has been born in 1984, the shameless political fixer would probably look, sound and smell a lot like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Smug, privileged, hateful, sheltered, opportunistic, insecure, ruthless, oozing of arrogance, drunk with power, and badly in need of a populist beat-down. A sawed off despot in a man’s clothes.

Which is why the title of kept popping into my head today as I read the latest tale of Facebook’s attacks on democracy, freedom, equality and capitalism.

The world’s largest social media network has morphed from a symbol of human evolution into a tool of repression on a grand scale since its public offering in 2012. The quest for forever profit growth has unhinged its founder, turned him into the Roy Cohn of The Information Age, and transformed his creation into a potent tool of class warfare and population control.

Like Cohn – the Machiavellian lawyer reviled by decent people in the 50s, 60s, 70 and 80s – it’s pretty clear the human race would be better off without Zuckerberg. Who needs to be put down very, very hard.

The two are the ultimate “sonderkommandos.” The term Nazi concentration camp guards used for the Jewish turncoats who helped them execute Adolf Hitler’s final solution.

Cohn is clearly Zuckerberg’s spirit animal as a man who would work for anyone who could expand his personal power, regardless of  their criminality, sexual depravity, principles and goals. A child of privilege raised like a prince, Cohn behaved as if the abuse of power was the whole point of power before his long, slow death from AIDS in 1986.

Just as Zuckerberg and Cohn protege .

. The boosts were aimed at dividing users on hot-button issues like gun control, immigration and race.

Cohn’s stable of reprobate clients ranged from presidents to mobsters. ; the Genovese mafia family; President Ronald Reagan – the bane of organized labor and the faltering middle class; and New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who turned black against white to remain in Gracie Mansion in the 1980s.

“Roy was brutal, but he was a very loyal guy,” Trump told fellow silver spoon Tim O’Brien. “He brutalized for you.”

“He was no Boy Scout,” Trump said of Cohn in The Art of the Deal. “He once told me that he’d spent more than two-thirds of his adult life under indictment on one charge or another. That amazed me.”

Trump, who is habitually referred to as “The Moron President” by this publication, has been involved in  the past 30 years.

“If you need someone to get vicious toward an opponent, you get Roy,” Trump told the Associated Press. “People will drop a suit just by getting a letter with Roy’s name at the bottom.”

Zuckerberg has been sued a bunch, too, Most memorably by the  who came up with the idea for Facebook and hired him to program it when they were all students at Harvard. He eventually paid them $65 million to let it go.

Like former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, Cohn was a closeted gay who reveled in the trappings of power at a time when American Society demonized gays.

Instead of trying to make the world better, like Liberal revolutionaries and George Washington, he aligned himself with conservative elites who preyed upon the masses. Just like Facebook and its nerdish founder, who struggled to find dates before striking it rich.

The Zookies and Cohns of the world don’t need to go down hard because it’s fair, but because it would serve as a deterrent to the other ruthless predators of Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. The beneficiaries of political corruption investigative journalist Wayne Barrett memorably denigrated as “state capitalists.” 

Clearly, capital punishment should be part of the discussion. 

In Zuckerberg’s online version of the world only the rich may speak. The rest of us are little more than props, especially when we give voice to painful truths. Like the fact that a global economy with no global government or labor protections is a formula for a return to slavery and hereditary power.

The official lie about globalism is that it elevates workers in places like India, China and Mexico by sending them jobs from developed economies like that of the United States and the European Union.

The painful truth is that a global economy with no real government regulation or labor protections allows multinational companies like Driscoll Fruit to impoverish all workers by paying those in Baja Mexico $8 a day for the same work previously done for $8 an hour north of the border.

It facilitates redistribution of wealth and class warfare on an industrial scale which can only result in the undermining of the Liberal principles of democracy, equality and freedom and the resurrection of hereditary rule. Like the brutal House of Saud, whose 5,000 royal members cut off their people’s heads on a whim in Saudi Arabia.

The current form of globalism enriches employers at the expense of workers. Which is why the combined wealth of the 400 wealthiest Americans has increased 612 percent on an inflation-adjusted basis since 1982, when Reagan first began waging war on the masses for the Predatory 1 Percent.

Between 1983 and 2009, America’s richest 5 percent grabbed 82 percent of all the nation’s gains in wealth, according to The Economic Policy Institute. Meanwhile, the bottom 60 percent of households actually got poorer.

Cohn was hip-deep in that redistibution of wealth when it began after America’s defeat in The Vietnam War in 1975. Zuckerberg is hip-deep in it today.

Their shared “profits over people” mindset meshes perfectly with the increasingly violent, divided and incoherent American society they’ve helped create.

Cohn, who Esquire Magazine described as a “legal executioner” told writer Ronald Radosh: “I’ll defend the mob any day. They’re good Americans.”

Zookie might have said the same thing about Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, whose puppet now sits in The Oval Office.

“I am the creator of my own comic book, and I love living in it,” .

Might just as well have been Zookie.

Facebook is helping toxic elites level America’s faltering middle class with the lowest paid workers on Planet Earth, establish themselves as the world’s new royals; and undermine democracies around the world in the guise of globalism. It’s also empowering ethnic cleansing operations .

“I’m afraid that Facebook has now turned into a beast,” . “Ultra-nationalist Buddhists have their own Facebook (accounts) and are really inciting a lot of violence and a lot of hatred against the Rohingya (and) other ethnic minorities.”

The days when the early version of Facebook helped breathe life into The Arab Spring and other pro-democracy movements died when it became a publicly traded company in 2012. It executives are now legally obligated to grow shareholder profit – by any means necessary.

Clearly, the only way to deter this kind of rapacious corporate profiteering is a disproportionate response of mammoth proportions. Much like the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction which kept America safe during The Cold War.

Except this time we have to press the button, to remind The Predatory 1 Percent what class warfare looks like when it works both ways.

For those who advocate legally executing those who monetize democracy, Zuckerberg is the logical starting point. The egotistical opportunist who has appointed himself judge, jury and master of all he surveys in the online version of America sans democracy, equality and freedom.

Salon’s Mike D’Antonio memorab’y descrbed Cohn as a “gay Jewish man who spewed anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist remarks.”

Zuckerberg fits the same hypocritical template as an entrepreneur who once claimed to be drawing people together and facilitating citizen journalism even as he was dividing America’s masses, destroying our free press, and subverting our freedom of speech online.

Question: When may a good person kill?

Answer: When it’s their only means of self preservation.

Wall Street’s discreet war on workers, free markets, and true capitalism is more blatant on Facebook than just about anywhere else, . Especially for those of us who have been subjected to Silicon Valley’s version of house arrest by being made invisible online for challenging the new royals of the global economy.

The social media giant is completely bereft of due process and the right to a jury of your peers. However, Zuckerberg’s corporate alter ego is very good at growing corporate profits, stymieing business competitors, facilitating tyranny, buying political protection, stealing tax dollars, and chilling free speech and freedom of association.

Zookie’s timing couldn’t be worse.

His ruthless efforts to monetize the destruction of the American Dream and establish himself as a modern-day royal come just as the “greed is good” crowd is reaching its apogee.

Crooked politicians and their wealthy patrons are about to reap the whirlwind of public accountability from the very masses they’ve been exploiting.

Amazingly, these educated idiots really think poor and middle class Americans have lost our stomach for a good fight just because we value stability. And peace.

Big mistake.

Their proverbial “Come to Jesus Moment” is right around the corner as the formula for gaining elected office goes from embracing the crony capitalism of the two corrupt political machines and their wealthy patrons to destroying this form of Tammany Hall pay-to-play politics.

Q: When is a Liberal society justified in killing in its own defense?

A: When the Liberal tenets of democracy, equality and freedom it’s founded upon are threatened.

Remember how would-be politicians had to be tough on Communism to be elected in the 1950s and touch on crime to get elected after the lawless 70s?

Well, we’re about to see the same kind of popular backlash to political corruption and corporate immorality. Meaning those who put “profits ahead of people” and “politics ahead of people.”

Like Zookie, the self-appointed members of our political aristocracy forgot one painful truth at their peril as they were feathering their nests after 9/11. They forgot that the state *is* the masses in a democracy like ours.

It’s not them, it’s us.

It’s always been us.

The question was never whether the masses would regain control of our democracy, but when and how.

It might take a while for the masses to sort through all the misinformation and identity politics being tossed at us, but heads can roll once we do. Literally, and legally.

It’s a crime to call for the murder of crooked politicians like Trump and Pelosi, and treasonous executives like Zookie, and I’m not doing that. What I am saying is that political corruption should be subject to capital punishment within our criminal justice system.

The new law should be retroactive once it’s instituted. So we can work backward, as well as forward. Just like a lawnmower.

Not because it’s right or because I embrace violence, but because humane execution of toxic elites is necessary in the current climate of open political and corporate treason. It is the only way we’re going to regain what Liberal Republican Abraham Lincoln called “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

“Men are not hanged for stealing horses, but that horses may not be stole.” …George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax

The best way to deter future misconduct is to make an example of those who have benefited the most from the current climate of shameless misconduct. Even though I readily admit that examples are inherently unfair.

Let me put it another way: To preserve our freedoms we must make examples of the Zuckerbergs, Trumps and Pelosis. Just as they have made examples of the members of pro-democracy organizations like Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, Planned Parenthood, ACORN, Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, ACT UP, and the Water Protectors of Standing Rock.

“Corporate scumbags and crooked politicians are not executed for rigging elections, but that elections may not be rigged.” …Bronx Lou, Working Class Hero

In the parlance of the working class communities where I was raised in the Bronx and Tacoma, Wash.: “These fuggers gotta pay. Big time. Ain’t no freebies.”

Q: Why must there be visible and caustic consequences for those who betray American democracy, freedom and equality?

A: The first step to deterring misconduct is capturing the attention of those who consider it acceptable.

The vulnerability of entrenched machine politicians was lost on many in the mainstream news media during the mid-term elections. Instead of focusing on Republican and Democrat they should have been focusing on outsiders and incumbents, as the American people sought to “vote the bums out” any way they could.

We can expect more of the same in the 2020 general election. 

The two rackets which sell political protection to Wall Street are in survival mode now. At a time when many voters want them dead. )

“I want him dead,” Deniro said of his chief tormentor. “I want his family dead. I want his house burned to the ground. I want to go there in the middle of the night and  I want to piss on his ashes.”

Click pic for video


Q: How do you know  political incumbents are headed to the dinosaur graveyard?

A: Look at who just defeated a mid-term incumbent and why.

Today, America is divided between North and South, Geek and Jock, Urban and Rural, Blue Collar and White Collar, Majority and Minority, and External Genitalia and Internal Genitalia. 

However, it will be Haves vs Have-Nots again very soon. As in monarchists and their adversaries, who once had names like Democrats and Republicans and were proud Liberals to a man.

Wall Street’s mindless pursuit of forever profit growth is the driving force for the coming Sea Change. It’s turning more and more of us into losers in a so-called “gig economy,” which is really a sharecropper economymeant to contain our aspirations in a lifetime of debt slavery.

When the masses finally figure out how they’re being conned, our toxic elites will come face to face with the downside of class warfare.

Q: How much is too much when the masses reclaim America and seek to deter future toxic elites from engaging in class warfare?

A: That all depends on how fast the bullshit stops.

Some of you may think I’m raising this issue too soon, but that’s who I am. I’m the guy who discerns what’s coming 20 miles down the road. Sometimes that means being a contrarian and dealing in painful truths which make people uncomfortable.

I’m so good at it that global news organizations used to pay me to filter corporate propaganda back in the day when we had a free press. Instead of the Wall Street cheerleaders pretending “all is well” today. Just because it is for them.

All you have to do to figure out what’s really going on is look at all the people outside our economy. The invisible Americans living in homeless camps, the laid off workers getting divorced and committing suicide, and the drug-addled zombies wandering past boarded-up factories in Flyover Country.

All is not well for them.

Officially, the unemployment rate is about 4 percent. Unofficially, it’s closer to 40 percent.

I see a massive backlash in our future as Americans reclaim The America Dream that Wall Street has monetized into near-oblivion. Their divide-and-conquer tactics dictate even more blood in the streets in a nation which has already grown accustomed to daily mass shootings and death tolls which dwarf those of historic terrorist attacks like the 1972 Summer Olympics Massacre in Munich.

Seventeen people died in the Munich attack, including five off the eight terrorists. Giving them a casualty ratio of 1.5 victims per gunman.

By comparison, one man equipped with the best civilian firearms money can buy killed a staggering 58 and wounded 851 in last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas. For a casualty ratio of 908 to 1.

 claimed 13 lives and wounded 10. Its casualty ratio was 22 to 1.

The attack by a lone Marine veteran was the 307th mass shooting of 2018, pushing the total carnage for the .

And Tuesday’s mass shooting in Gallup, New Mexico, claimed four lives and wounded one. It was No. 311.

The toxic elites who hope to be the new Kings and Queens of our global economy are blocking all efforts to put a halt to the bloodshed. The only time the mainstream news media seems to sheds a tear is someone rich and famous gets caught in the crossfire.

Cue The People Magazine Headline That Says: “Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us.”

Clearly, a Civil War of sorts is already underway in America as the manipulated masses kill eachother at the behest of the Predatory 1 Percent. All in the name of corporate profit growth, political opportunism, and the preservation of an American caste system the super rich publicly deny and privately cherish.

The new royals tells us no peaceful solution is possible. In their world the masses may only combat costly assault rifles with equally costly semi-automatic rifles, bump stocks, conversion kits, and extended magazines.

Facebook has cashed in on the gun control debate, and the shootings, as concerned Americans swarm the social media network for news after each attack.

Eyesballs mean money for Facebook, which now boasts 2.27 billion active users – roughly a third of the human race. It has annual profits of $341 billion; and a market capitalization of more than $400 billion.

Many of the shooters have been motivated by the divide-and-conquer rhetoric of the Predatory 1 Percent – which is now known as “identity politics.”

Many are former military veterans. They’re struggling to make sense of a world which inculcated them with the military values of duty, loyalty, honor and self sacrifice and now wants them to fit that socialist mindset into a corporate world that rewards naked self interest.

Q: When millions of American jobs are being off-shored to Communist China, how can Wall Street accuse those who question the practice of being unAmerican?

A: The super rich do it to obscure the truth, which is that we’re dealing with the rise of a new generation of royal wannabees. Some are communists, some are capitalists, but they’re all the proverbial “dictators waiting in the wings.”

You don’t have to look too hard at Zuckerberg to see Cohn’s sonderkommando legacy.

Cohn’s skewed moral compass allowed him to target gay government employees and work closely with those bashing gays, even as he was living a gay lifestyle as an aide to infamous U.S. Sen. Eugene McCarthy (R-Wisc.). The ultimate sonder also worked closely with those demonizing Jews, even though he was born Jewish.

Cohn used fake testimony to secure a conviction against Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in 1951 that led to their execution. He doubled down on his war against the masses by conducting a witch hunt against U.S. Army employees who had casually attended Communist Party meetings during World War II, when Russia was our ally.

Why did Cohn and McCarthy go after the Army?

Because it wouldn’t assign Cohn’s gay lover, who had been drafted, to McCarthy’s staff.

Cohn secured access to experimental AIDS drugs for himself in the 80s from President Ronald Reagan, even as his influential client was turning a deaf ear to the disease his staffers denigrated as “gay plague.”

Q: Where do the Cohns and Zuckerbergs of the world come from?

A: There’s an old saying: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Some people have no impulse control whatsoever and sow the seeds of their own demise with their own hubris.

I foresee a return to a liberal America, which embraces the Liberal tenets of democracy, equality, and freedom.

All that stands in our way right now is a Democratic political machine led by corrupt politician Nancy Pelosi and her fellow 30-year incumbents.

The clock is ticking on their brand of their Tammany Hall graft.

Once the Dems offer America a viable alternative to Republican class warfare, the GOP political machine will have to reinvent itself too. Or die.

The moment the new royals blocking change in these political machines are swept away the legal bloodletting can begin.

I thirst for it, like so many other members of the faltering middle class.


Because I’ve been radicalized.

Not by Muslim extremists, but by the systemic injustices which have been heaped upon decent Americans in recent years. Like the peaceful protesters of Occupy Wall Street who have been brutalized by corporate royals and their willing lackeys.

I was radicalized again online this year when I began to notice that Facebook was hindering my ability to distribute links to my articles. The same work it habitually hijacked when I was employed in the mainstream news media, along with the advertising revenue my work generated, which once paid the wages of our nation’s watchdog journalists.

Within minutes of having my posting privileges suspended for posting anti-corruption articles in anti-corruption Facebook groups, I would receive an offer from the social media giant to distribute the very same articles in exchange for a payment to Facebook called a “boost.”

“Suspended” as in censored.

Q: Why would an anti-corruption group need to be protected from anti-corruption articles?

A: Gee, I wonder.

Facebook likes to employ misleading terms as it strips Americans of our rights online to obscure the censorship it’s imposing on the world’s public forum.

Its criteria isn’t Right or Left, capitalism or socialism, it’s whether a post hinders Facebook profit growth or offends a billionaire’s corporate alter ego.

The social media network banned me about two weeks ago for accurately describing them as the “online version of America without the liberal values of democracy, equality and freedom America was founded upon.”

They “unpublished” The Cynical Times, the Facebook community for my liberal website, about three months ago for denigrating Nazis and The Moron Presidency. Stripping me of 90 percent of my readers and effectively placing me under online house arrest.

Unpublished as in “gagged” and “shut down.”

Facebook did this without giving me the opportunity to confront my accusers in a court of law, before a jury of my peers; without providing me with due process; and without a detailed explanation of the allegations against me.

Officially, Facebook claims to the cracking down on Nazis. Unofficially, it’s cracking down on anyone who supports the Liberal tenets of democracy, freedom and equality and opposes Wall Street’s new “profits over people” ethos.

Q: All of which raises a simple question: When should those of us being stripped of our rights and freedoms kill those targeting us?

A: We should work through the system, by electing representatives who are willing to confront the rich tyrants hollowing out America like a cloud of locusts. Consuming everything in their path.

Right and Left hasn’t got anything to do with the downside of the current flawed incarnation of globalism. This struggle is about the tyranny of the super rich and the resurrection of the hereditary rulers of old.

That’s why the mainstream news media has been waging a misinformation campaign which misrepresents liberals as rich hypocrites; rarely speaks of the liberal values of democracy, equality and freedom; and studiously avoids the fourth Liberal tenet of regicide. As in dead Kings and Queens.

It implies that we’re dandified cowards like Cohn and Zuckerberg, who hire others to fight our battles. Nothing could be further from the truth.

No one with a historic understanding of Liberalism would ever suggest we’re cowards, much less pacifists. 

The painful truth is that Liberals are neither pacifists nor cowards. That’s the Cohns, Trumps, Clintons and Zuckerbergs we abhor.

This country was founded by Liberals. Every single Founding Father was a proud liberal and a revolutionary, from journalist Thomas Paine to general George Washington.

Liberals were also responsible for the murder of hereditary royals in Britain, France, Russia and Turkey.

Not fake Liberals like royal wannabee Nancy Pelosi, , but real liberals and real Americans. Like Ike, FDR, JFK, and Abraham Lincoln.

It was Ike, the former five star general, who ultimately ended McCarthy and Cohn’s reign of terror.

There’s a good chance Robert Mueller, another old school Liberal with an extensive military background will be the one to end Trump and Zookie.

Real liberalism has absolutely nothing to do with Right, Left, democrat, republican, capitalism, socialism or communism. It is solely a movement to replace the tyranny of hereditary elites – like Donnie Trump and Chelsea Clinton – with the kind of representative democracy they denigrate as “mob rule.”

I’m pretty sure they’re talking about me and you with that disparaging term.

Just waiting on you to figure it out.

(Looking at watch)

I’m ready when you are.


Anti-corruption articles like this one, which favor neither Dems nor Republicans, are being actively suppressed by Facebook and the corporate and political royals it serves. If you want to fight them, you can start by sharing it.





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