Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer Putri Ariani Delivers: ‘Perfect Act’ with U2 Cover on ‘AGT

Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer Putri Ariani Delivers : America’s Got Talent” had a great night, but Summer Rios’s performance of Zoe Wees’s “Control” caused strong disagreement among judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. During the third round on Tuesday, Cowell and Mandel disliked the act, while Vergara and Klum loved it. Cowell called the act “overproduced,” causing boos from the crowd, and Vergara dubbed him “the Grinch” of the night. Klum defended Rios, saying she should be proud and nailed the hard song.

The judges’ fight was the highlight of the night, along with the Mzansi Youth Choir’s uplifting performance of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” and Putri Ariani’s acoustic rendition of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” which received a standing ovation.

Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer Putri Ariani Delivers

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Cowell disliked Rios’ act. He said, “There was a rawness to your audition that we lost tonight.” I felt like everything was overwhelming. I didn’t like the song, but like you a lot.” The crowd booed Cowell’s criticism, so Vergara called him the Grinch. However, Klum and Vergara were Rios’s top supporters. “This is a big song, and you’re a young lady who nailed it,” Klum told Rios, advising her to ignore negativity.

Not everything that night was controversial; some acts were universally liked. Mzansi Youth Choir from South Africa impressed judges with their acapella performance of a song by American Idol contestant Jane “Nightbirde” Marczewski, earning them the first public Golden Buzzer. It was like movie music. “It was great,” Vergara said. Mandel liked the group’s “unique” and “magnetic” choral music.

Putri Ariani, an Indonesian singer-songwriter who won Cowell’s Golden Buzzer, did well. The crowd cheered when she played “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2 on guitar. “This is likely how an angel sounds,” Klum said, hoping Bono would hear it. Vergara said the act was “perfect” and “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.” Some contestants, like Mzansi Youth Choir and Putri Ariani, brought the judges together, but Summer Rios’ performance revealed the challenges and unpredictability of live talent shows. After the third round of live shows, we’ll see which talents divide or unite the experts from the entertainment industry