The Moron President Attacks His Supporters

Trump Says if He’s Impeached, It’ll Be Their Fault


The Moron Presidency took a turn for the surreal Thursday, when Donald Trump told supporters it’ll be their fault if he’s impeached.

The bizarre statement illustrated the most powerful man in the world’s distaste for reading, aversion to painful truths, and unwitting similarity to Adolf Hitler.

The Nazi dictator took a similar approach to his own loyalists as Germany was falling to pieces at the end of World War II. Blaming them for the disasters he precipitated. 

It was almost as if Trump was channeling the madman who plunged the world into chaos in 1939 at his political rally in Montana on Thursday. Roughly 80 years later.

“I will be the only president in history that will say ‘what a job he has done, by the way, we are impeaching him,’ ” Trump told a crowd of Trumplickers in Montana. “If it does happen, it’s your fault because you didn’t go out to vote… That is the only way it can happen.”

Trump’s remarks illustrate the downside of tyranny, which is that demagogues rarely embrace the burdens of leadership along with the benefits. When the going gets tough they lead by temper tantrum, instead of by example.

Trump has not done a good job in his first 18 months in The Oval Office by any reasonable measure, despite the unwavering support of his idiot followers. He has alienated allies, divided America and reduced both our national standing and the grandeur of our highest office. All while searching desperately for a politically convenient war to allow him to assume the sweeping powers of a wartime president.

Trump’s increasing detachment from reality was also on display Thursday with his disingenuous claims about the American economy. 

The Moron Presidency’s deceptive economic “gains” have been generated almost entirely via deficit spending. He has run up the nation’s credit cards to pay for massive tax breaks for his friends in the country club set, needless military programs, and farm subsidies. Just as he once borrowed big to fund his failed casinos and lavish lifestyle before the five bankruptcies of companies associated with the Trump business empire.

All were once anathema to principled conservatives.

The giveaways to the rich have created the façade of economic growth, by pulling demand forward. However, they’re the economic equivalent of a sugar high. Not the kind of organic growth which translates into a more robust American economy.

The painful truth is the true U.S. jobless rate is still roughly 40 percent. Just as it was in August of 2015, when Trump said the ratio of the American population with full time jobs was a more accurate measure of the labor market than the official unemployment rate.

The official rate misses many workers who have been idle more than six months. It was an improbable 5.4 percent in August 2015 and is an equally improbable 3.9 percent today.

By shuffling between the two rates like a Three Card Monte dealer, Trump has tried to create the illusion he’s lowered the jobless rate from 40 percent to 3.9 percent. Nothing could be further from the truth, with automation set to destroy 4.4 million commercial driving jobs and 40 million retail jobs over the next decade.

Here’s where things get dicey for me personally…

I don’t think Trump and his idiot supporters are liars in the traditional sense, because “truth” for the them is whatever comforting lie or sin of omission they can bully others into embracing.

They’re products of a sanitized American media and sanitized educational curriculum, which revel in heroes and villains and downplay rich misconduct.

The result is an America which thinks it’s a better place than it really is and embraces the myth of its own exceptionalism. One whose citizens know next to nothing about its own Liberal roots, deplorable experiment with eugenics, betrayal of former allies Ho Chi Mihn and Saddam Hussein, and failed corporate coup d’etat in .

Hitler and his supporters were subject to similar delusions when the tide of battle turned against them. Just a decade into their “Thousand Year Reich.”

When it did, Hitler refused to save German lives via retreat or surrender. Embracing total defeat with the same misguided zeal with which he had previously pushed for total victory.

The problem with following Hitler’s example is that it always ends in disaster. As it does with all degenerate gamblers with something to lose.

They’re always down for the big win, but never learn how to cut their losses in the face of adversity.

That’s why Hitler’s Germany and its allies went down so hard. Just as Trumplickers are now being routed in the public forum by a popular wave of collective disgust.

If Studio 54 was Trump’s Vietnam, when he was young and flush with daddy’s millions, The Moron Presidency is his World War II.

Except, for the fact that he and his idiot supporters are on the losing side and not being subjected to the mass murder and mass rapes which characterized a broken Germany.

America’s internal war against tyranny is being conducted largely online, in coffee shops and bars, and at family reunions.

However, the likely outcome of a delusional leader blaming his own supporters for his mistakes – instead of changing course – is the same.


As the Jewish son of a combat veteran with severe post-traumatic stress disorder, I’ve become a student of Nazism and World War II over the years.

Unlike Trump, and the Fox viewers who worship him, I also read. Consuming information from as many different perspectives as I can find.


Because I want to know why half my family died in the Holocaust. I knew the Jewish and American perspective before I graduated from high school. So, I’ve turned to the German perspective in recent years.

I was driven by the need to fully understand why my dad was still having nightmares at 82 years of age. Why the gentlest man I ever knew was calling out in his sleep in a feral voice, through clenched teeth: “we’re gonna get that guy who got Whitey.”

Whitey being his best friend and foxhole buddy during World War II. The guy who had pulled the wounded hardhat diver from the Elbe River, when their company of combat engineers was building a bridge under fire. Fifty-five years earlier.

All so Patton – another Trump role model – could throw Third Army against the Germans waiting to surrender on the east bank of the Elbe in the final week of the war. Instead of following orders and waiting for the Russians to roll them up from behind.

Only 27 original members of dad’s company – which landed by glider during D-Day and participated in the battles of the Bulge, Aachen and countless others – finished the war with the unit. Out of 240.

Dad was one of them. When he got home at the ripe old age of 20 he was skin and bones, and his hair had all turned white, after months of sharing his rations with starving Germans in their ruined Reich.

So yeah, I guess you could say I’m a little more of a student of history than Trump, who doesn’t like to read and whose daddy sat out WWII. Just as the five-time draft evader sat out Vietnam.

If you want some lesser known books about WWII that will blow your hair back, I recommend The Fall of Hitler’s Fortress City, Black Eidelweiss, The Jewish Threat and Hitler’s Willing Executioners.

Trumplickers really need to read about fortress cities. Those are the places where Hitler’s supporters died to promote the myth of his infallibility.


Particularly when he refused to allow Germany’s Sixth Army to retreat from Stalingrad in 1942, ultimately losing almost the entire 265,000 force of German, Romania, Italian, Hungarian and Russian turncoat soldiers.

The disastrous decision was a “point of honor” for Hitler, who ordered the commander of Sixth Army to have his encircled men stand their ground and fight “to the last soldier and the last bullet” in January 1943.

You don’t have to be a visionary to see that the narcissistic Trump has the same outcome in mind for both our men and women in uniform and his Trumplickers. The U.S. military is now engaged in active combat operations in seven distant nations, .

Apparently, personal accountability is not a business skill Trump brings to public office.

His followers will go down hard because of it. Albeit in the manner of the members of The German American Bund Party after Pearl Harbor, rather than in the manner of the unfortunate residents of the Reich.

The members of the German American Bund who pretended to be something else for the rest of their lives.

I’m pretty sure I knew one of them on Long Island back in the day. The proud woman befriended me, as if to show her own family what a good little egg she was. Even as her grandson peppered me with Jewish jokes. Day after day after day.

The thing about Jewish jokes is that the idiots who deal in them think they’re telling me something new. They don’t understand that as a Jew who moves in blue collar circles I’ve heard ‘em all. Ad nauseum.

So much so that I would dearly love to hear a new one, just to break the endless tedium of enduring the same tired snipes or being accused of being too quick to “play the victim.”

They do it because it makes them feel smart. Just as Trumplickers feel smart when Liberals refuse to stoop to their level of knowing lies and sins of omission.

There’s something inherently unfair about comparing Trump to Hitler, whose positive and negative accomplishments dwarf those of Donnie Trust Fund.

Trump is mostly a talker, whereas Adolf was a doer. Often with devastating results for opponents and supporters alike.

However, there is nothing unfair about comparing the unwavering support of Trumplickers with the blind obedience of Nazis. in both cases, it’s about not admitting you were wrong. By a lot.

In the end, no one was hurt more by Hitler than his loyalists. Because Adolf insisted they stand their ground and fight right up to the bitter end.

The Fuhrer allowed no surrender and no compromise with the peoples his armies attacked and committed systemic atrocities against. All in the name of the Aryan super race and its supremacist need for “lebensraum,” which started out as living space and ended up as a kind of colonial world domination.

The German people were decimated by his incredible hubris. Hitler let it happen because in his eyes they had failed him. When in fact he had really failed them with his illusions of grandeur.

Hitler refused to surrender or allow his scattered armies to retreat. They went down hard because of it, just like the Trumplickers now searching vainly for the exit door in the toxic climate they’ve created in our public forum.

They’re raging about social media’s alleged bias against Conservatives, even as companies like Facebook shutter Liberal communities like The Cynical Times for publishing painful truths without a country club membership. Our Facebook home was “unpublished” last month for running the meme below about a Trump supporter who flashed a Nazi salute. As if we were condoning group supremacy instead of condemning it.

What bullshit, right?

Trump doesn’t like to read, so what we’re seeing now is a fulfillment of the maxim “those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Just on a very small scale.

Right down to the assumption of Nazi Germany’s suppression of its free press, the rise of propaganda outlets like our own Fox News,  and the total war tactics directed at its opponents.

The predictable backlash has created an environment where Trumplickers are now being ostracized like the Fascist sonsabitches who started World War II.

I’m a proud Liberal, but I have almost no compassion or tolerance for Trumplickers any more. Don’t need to hear what they have to say, don’t see the point in trying to talk sense to them, and don’t see them as fellow Americans.

And I am not alone.

The end of Trump and his Trumplickers is probably going to happen pretty quickly now and it’s going to be a helluva thing to witness. Right up there with 9/11, The 1977 New York blackout, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, The Miracle on the Hudson, and the chaos of post-Vietnam America in my personal video reel.

Because Trump’s delusional game plan is Hitler’s delusional game plan is Napoleon’s delusional game plan.

No retreat, no compromise, no apologies, no mercy for friend or foe, no enlightened human evolution and the Brotherhood of Man, no neutrals, no recognition of the limits of men and machines, no honor, and no understanding of the law of diminishing returns. Just more of the same primitive tribalism, reckless doubling down, and comforting lies.

It never ends well.

How could it?


  1. Well said. I only Hope it might in light so of those Blinded Trump Supporters.

    These are very Dangerous times.


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