Trumps Bombs at United Nations

Worst President in U.S. History Jeered by Other National Leaders


The United States of America has gone from undisputed leader of the free world to global laughingstock in just 19 months under the failed leadership of The Moron President.

Donald Trump  for delivering a Trump-first speech celebrating himself, in the guise of an America-First speech.

The only one of the 130 national leaders in the cavernous meeting room who didn’t seem to understand the difference was the one speaking. The man ranked as appeared to flash a white supremacist hand sign at one point in his first disastrous speech there a year ago.

 The 30-minute long Donald Trump Show was a case study in narcissism, wealthy delusion, the perils of raising sheltered children, and the reason leadership is always done by example. Or not at all.

“The President* kicked things off in his speech by celebrating the wonder of his own wonderful greatness and the assembled diplomats laughed and laughed,” , who puts an asterisk next to the word “president” when referring to Trump. “That’s fairly unprecedented in my lifetime.”

A man who is notable for going “bankrupt three times, failing to make money as a casino owner, and stiffing glaziers, carpenters, landscapers, and other lesser orders of people, got up and essentially called the rest of the world a bunch of deadbeats.”

Trump railed against the perils of “globalism,” which he clearly doesn’t understand. Then lauded the merits of nationalism and national sovereignty, which he also doesn’t understand.

The Moron President then proceeded to call on the rest of the world to join him in targeting Iran and Venezuela. Even though respecting the sovereignty of other nations means respecting their independence and the will of their people to elect leaders we dislike.

The trust fund baby praised North Korean hereditary ruler Kim Jong Un, just one year after calling him “rocket man” and threatening to “totally destroy” the small Asian nation. Its population of 25 million is about 8 percent of that of the America’s 327 million. It would take 1,500 North Korean economies to equal our own.

Nevertheless, Trump bragged about his meeting with Kim Jung Un – which accomplished nothing – as if he met with a national leader of considerably more stature and actually accomplished something meaningful. Rather than a fellow trust fund baby, private school graduate, and country club commando.

“America is governed by Americans,” Trump told the UN. “We reject the ideology of globalism and accept the doctrine of patriotism.”

Unfortunately, there is no “doctrine of patriotism.” Saying so is akin to saying you subscribe to the ideology of “I love my mommy.” In the sense that it erroneously presumes views on the subject vary.

What world leaders heard Trump saying was that the United States no longer wishes to lead the world in anything. We’re out for ourselves and no one else.

The problem with such a statement is that we’ve always been out for ourselves, and have traditionally advanced our agenda of global domination through allies and surrogates. A tactic which becomes more and more difficult each time the Russian Puppet in The White House tells them to go fuck themselves.

Trump’s idiot supporters think that means he’s out for working class Americans. He’s not.

He’s out for the rich, and no one else.

Trump’s America is Corporate America, which is now indistinguishable from Rich America. He is a champion of corporate oligarchy and rich tyranny.

Everything else is nonsense. It’s Rainman saying he’s “an excellent driver.”

In short, listening to Trump speak at the UN was akin to hearing a bench-warmer on a junior varsity baseball team talk about how they deserve to be a starter on the high school varsity team. For 30 minutes.

The unpredictable Trump Presidency has been a disaster for the U.S., our allies, and democracy. And a win for tyranny and our enemies around the globe.

It’s absolutely surreal to hear this modern-day royal denigrate the current flavor of globalism, which is all about elevating him and his fellow elites. It’s like listening to a little rich girl who has never had a job whine about the evils of the patriarchy while she’s vacationing in Thailand.

Vacationing from what?

Being rich and idle back home. As Trump has been for most of his life.

You have to understand economics and politics to fully appreciate just how sheltered and clueless today’s modern-day royals are. Most Americans don’t.

The dumber the voter, the more they seem to dig the self-serving nonsense which drivels out of Trump’s country club pie-hole like so much verbal diarrhea.

The painful truth is that the current flavor of Globalism is not about rewarding the best and brightest. 
It’s about having a global economy and a global labor market with no global government and no global regulation whatsoever. And using them to destroy democracy and re-establish hereditary rule for rich garbage like The Koch Brothers, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, The Walton Family, the three Trump families, and the House of Saud.

The New World Order is about allowing the super rich to hire accountants to escape paying taxes, crooked politicians to subvert the will of the electorate, and wealth managers who can tap into the Monopoly Money of Wall Street derivatives.

Derivatives – the process whereby the rich can borrow against their stock market bets – have built a global debt of more than $230 trillion in the past 30 years . Making money all but meaningless for the super rich.


Because money borrowed via derivatives spends just like real money. Even though it’s backed by nothing.

The new royals enjoying this largesse have titles like “CEO,” “investor,” “hedge fund,” “private equity” and “billionaire” now. Instead of the old titles of “king,” “queen,” “baron” and “duke.”

They send their kids to private school, live in gated communities, and jet between rich enclaves in  places like Dubai; The Hamptons, Greenwich, Conn; and the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The beneficiaries of the status quo in the United Nations understand this better than anyone. That’s why they were laughing at Trump.

They understand this trust fund baby is one of them. Even if he doesn’t.

The Moron President now making such a mockery of democracy doesn’t seem to realize that his gross stupidity and arrogance are the very reasons Putin wanted him in The Oval Office in the first place.

Getting Trump in  The Oval Office was a master stroke of espionage by the former head of the Russian Secret Police. One whose impact dwarfs that of the 9/11 terror attacks.

The painful truth is that no one has ever done more damage to America’s global reputation and national unity than former Reality TV Star and professional charlatan Donald J. Trump.

Every time this five-time draft evader opens his fucking mouth he is a walking, talking advertisement for the end of America, and the weakness of the democratic system which allowed him  to steal the 2016 presidential election.

Just like the clueless rich girls railing against the patriarchy which pays for their materialistic lifestyles.
In both cases, they’re drunk on the moron notion they can have the benefits of great wealth and power without the social stigma which goes with them. 

The stigma of villainy and tyranny, which they reinforce every time they show the rest of us how undeserving they are of the opportunities and privileges American Economic Apartheid has rained upon them.

The ridiculous notion that their genitals are somehow unique and special is part of the rich fool’s burden for this generation of toxic elites.

Trump’s 30-minute long speech was the kind of wandering temper tantrum that would have . The former Libyan dictator was killed by his own people two years after he broke UN protocol in 2009 with a delusional 90 minute speech to the General Assembly. Instead of the standard 15.

Trump, who has been called the first fascist American president, seems destined for a similar fate.

What’s it all mean?

Thank God for Yankee fans.




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