Rich Cowards and the “20 Slave Rule”

America's Sordid History of Silver Spoon Draft Dodgers


Class warfare and elite draft dodgers like President Donald Trump are nothing new in the United States.

The Predatory 1 Percent has been starting wars and then exempting themselves from military service for as long as we’ve been a nation. They generally do not lead by example because they’re incapable of doing so.

These social parasites do benefits, not burdens.

One of the best illustrations of their dishonorable behavior is a little known Confederate law called “.” It allowed members of the Southern Plantation Class to escape military service during The Civil War they started to keep their slaves.

The underhanded rule allowed one military age male to remain home for each 20 slaves a rich family owned.

There was no cap on it.

Meaning that a parasitic country club family which possessed 100 slaves could keep five of their sons home, and so forth, while the children of their neighbors were ripped to shreds.

On the Union side, the rich were allowed to buy their way out of the draft for $300. Once again, there was no cap on how many worthless silver spoons a rich family could keep home while forcing the poor and middle class to defend their interests.

These shameful laws are routinely left out of the history programmed into kids in our public schools. 


Because the Predatory 1 Percent controls the curriculum. They use that power to rewrite the past via sins of omission, half lies and exaggerations.

The current incarnation of the Predatory 1 Percent now in control of our fake democracy is a little more subtle than their predecessors during the Civil War. Instead of accepting bribes, the political hookers in our Congress have carved loopholes to legally accept payoffs in the form of excessive speaking fees, excessive book deals, insider trading tips and bogus charitable donations. 

They take the same approach to military service, which is why only one of the 18 Republican and Democratic candidates for president in 2016 was a veteran. .

That 24 year gap is the longest in U.S. history since The Great Depression, which began in 1929, and the period preceding it. Which is the last time the Predatory 1 Percent completely lost their minds.

From 1909 to 1945, we had no one in the White House with combat experience. The result was two world wars, numerous invasions of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, and an economic meltdown of epic proportions.

The current gap coincides with the soft coup executed by the financial sector, which has removed the term “representative” from the concept of representative democracy by allowing elections to be purchased by monied interests. Just like a slave in a slave auction.

That time period has given us endless war, a mountain of smaller conflicts, four epic economic meltdowns and a global military empire with more than 900 foreign bases.


Because no sacrifice is too great for the worthless rich kids who don’t have to make it.

The value of combat experience from a class warfare perspective is that it has a leveling effect, which destroys the erroneous metrics programmed into our kids about wealth and self worth. Instead of money being the sole measure of a man, the metrics of choice for combat veterans typically become courage, sacrifice and the ability to suffer well.

College exemption served much the same purpose as the Twenty Slave Rule until it was eliminated in 1971, by allowing rich kids like to avoid military service during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Our current used college to avoid military service during the Vietnam War four times, from 1964 to 1968, before getting a fifth and final medical exemption for his feet in 1968. The same feet that allegedly allowed this indifferent student to be t The New York Military Academy in high school, according to The Daily Caller, and in college from 1959 to 1966.

We say “allegedly” because The Daily Caller is an elitist rag run by silver spoon mofo Tucker Carlson. It’s notoriously full of crap. Just like our history books, Carlson, and the rest of the Predatory 1 Percent.

Remember what we said about benefits and burdens?

used his daddy’s political connections to land a cushy slot in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War. It allowed him to pose as a swashbuckling Navy pilot without ever seeing a single shot fired in anger. The silver spoon only had to serve for four hours each weekend, but still habitually failed to show.

The situation was so bad that Geedub’s flight status was suspended in 1972 after he missed a required physical exam. 

Once he became president, the Right Wing Noise machine retroactively transformed Geedub into the military hero he was incapable of being in his youth. Trump is now making a similar metamorphosis.

The Dems are no better.

during The Vietnam War. He likes to brag about how he objected to the war, but the painful truth is that Slick Willie was not philosophically opposed to war. Just to taking his chances in one.

That’s why Clinton failed to qualify for principled conscientious objector status. Unlike Bernie Sanders, who ran for president in 2016 and opposed all wars in his youth.

Technically, none of these politicians are draft dodgers because the term only applies to those who break the law to escape military service. Typically, by fleeing to Canada.

However, The Cynical Times considers any silver spoon who uses their family’s political influence to escape the possibility of military service in a combat zone to be a draft dodger. Especially if they were a war monger afterward in Congress and The White House.

Instead of coming right out and saying only the poor and middle class die in their foreign wars for corporate profit growth, the Predatory 1 Percent has engineered a modern social system which appears fair.

Outwardly, military service is now equally distributed among all Americans by our all volunteer armed forces. However, the painful truth is that today’s wealthy kids still spend almost no time in the real world. Much less on the two-way shooting ranges in the wars their imbecile parents initiate.


Because they have access to an elite labor market chock full of great jobs. Like the $600,000 a year gigs as Washington correspondents Chelsea Clinton, Jenna Hager Bush and Meghan McCain all landed at MSNBC. Despite having almost no prior meaningful journalism experience, education or demonstrated aptitude.

Meanwhile, the poor and faltering middle class have to compete in a real world labor market in which a staggering 131 million Americans 16 and older are without full-time employment, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

That’s 41 percent of the 323 million people who reside in the United States, and 52 percent of the 254 million who are 16 or older. Not the 4.7 percent counted as out of work in the official U.S. Unemployment Rate.

There are now 1.1 Americans 16 or older without full-time jobs for each of the 123 million Americans who have one.

These dual labor markets and dual economies ensure a steady flow of military manpower from the poor and faltering middle class. Meanwhile the Predatory 1 Percent continue to make wars they and their children do not serve in.The so-called volunteer military is really only voluntary for the children of the rich. Many of the rest of us are forced into it by financial need.

At the start of the Civil War, only 1.6 percent of Americans owned slaves. A number which dovetails with the Predatory 1 Percent that continues to plague the poor and faltering middle class in our nation today.

Only about 46,000 southerners had 20 slaves or more out of a Confederate population of 9.1 million. That’s about half of 1 percent.

The Twenty Slave Rule explicitly illustrates the social enslavement of the same poor and middle class Southern white males who continue to romanticize the Confederacy. These are the same fools who accounted for most of the 258,000 Confederate dead.

What did they get out of it?


The South was an oligarchy both before and after Reconstruction. It remains an oligarchy today. Where the poor and faltering middle class are expected to blindly obey their Garbage Predatory 1 Percent overlords.

What’s the moral of the story?

The next time you hear the phrase “Yessa master” don’t reflexively picture an African American slave, who gained a measure of freedom during the Civil War. Instead, picture some poor or middle class Southern white boy, and his uneducated daddy, who remain unwitting dupes of the Predatory 1 Percent to this day.

These are the same kind of hardworking Red State idiots who are big time fans of the Right Wing Noise Machine that is Faux News.

Who is the No. 1 enemy of these useful idiots? 

They are their own worst enemy. By virtue of their willful ignorance of their exploitation by the Predatory 1 Percent parasites which feed upon them.

The romantic myth of Southern plantation owners like Robert E. Lee leading their men from the front is largely just that. A myth.

Because the vast majority of them were safe at home during The Civil War. Cheering on the poor and middle class fools doing their fighting and dying for them from afar, and boning the sisters, girlfriends, wives and mothers of their own fighting men.

The painful truth is that the heroic plantation generals who led from the front – men like Jeb Stuart, Joe Wheeler, and Lewis Armistead – were the exception. Not the rule. Just as they are today.

The vast majority of rich Southerners who were a uniform did so in the notorious Home Guard or while observing the fighting from relative safety, well behind the lines. Like Lee.

Painful Truth No. 2 is that generals are the politicians of the military, even though Hollywood habitually portrays them as roughnecks in the midst of the fighting. And poser tough guys like our current Little-Dick-Mofo-In-Chief and George “Blood and Guts” Patton have always been the rule. 

Patton was widely despised by the men under his command during World War II, who summed up their feelings about his nickname as follows: “Yeah, our blood, his guts.” Patton was repeatedly disciplined for slapping shell-shocked soldiers under his command and for burning through 11 companies of combat engineers of the final week of the war to cross the Elbe River and attack the remnants of the German Army.

The resulting battle was completely unnecessary and completely against orders. More than 1,000 men who had earned the right to go home home and live in peace were killed or wounded in it. My own dad was badly wounded, his best friend was killed, and his company was decimated. It had fought in the Battle of the Bulge and participated in the glider landings of D-Day. It started the war with a oversized roster of 240 men and finished with fewer than 30 of them.

“We hated Patton,” Dad told me 65 years later. “That’s why the troops fragged him after the end of the war in Europe. The news accounts say he was mortally wounded in a traffic accident when his staff car was hit by a Deuce-and-a-half. What they don’t say is that the truck backed up over it afterward.”

 Somehow, those kind of details never seem to make it into the Predatory 1 Percent’s self-serving “official” history books. Which is how George W. Bush won the second Gulf War we’re still fighting.


And how Donnie Trump will no doubt win the third.



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