WWE SmackDown: Austin Theory Surprises with Lightning-Fast Win, Sets Stage for Miz vs. Knight Rematch

WWE SmackDown : Friday night’s action-packed WWE SmackDown gave the YEAH Movement a fighting chance. WWE Network broadcast the show. LA Knight courageously entered a chat on The Grayson Waller Effect to win the US Championship number one contender spot. This allowed him to challenge for the US Championship titles. This match determined the US Championship’s top competitor. The narrative took an unexpected turn as The Miz reached the commentary zone. This signaled a major drop in standards. However, the story’s unexpected outcome lowered expectations.

WWE SmackDown
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The bout between Knight and former champion Austin Theory continued after Knight persuaded Adam Pearce. Knight was doubtful while Miz set up his zone at the announcing station. The crucial moment came at the last minute, despite the two contestants fighting multiple times. Knight was in charge at the time, astonished by Miz’s maneuver, and swiftly looked for the target. What route took you up the mountain? After many attempts, Knight threw The A-Lister a curveball. Knight could no longer defend himself after seeing this. Theory won by completing a lightning-fast rollup and pinning Knight with his clothes. This allowed Theory to win the wrestling match. Theory increased his chances of reclaiming the US title, which he had lost seven days before. He considerably improved his prospects of regaining the crown.

Now that the Miz and the Knight face-off, their fight may peak at the next Payback event. The Miz and the Knight have competed before, so this may be genuine. This may be true because the Miz and the Knight have fought back. Where is the Theory now? The rematch will include WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. This interaction is fun on its own.