Adam Driver Speaks on SAG-AFTRA Strike, Questions Big Studios at Venice Film Festival

Adam Driver Speaks on SAG-AFTRA Strike at the Venice Film Festival. The actor wondered why big studios and streaming services couldn’t meet the Screen Actors Guild’s standards while smaller companies like Neon and STX International could. His views come when the WGA and SAG-AFTRA are affected by a strike halting production and press work in Hollywood.

Driver’s film “Ferrari,” directed by Michael Mann, is exempt from strike rules, allowing him to speak freely at the festival. The actor wondered why smaller distribution companies can meet SAG’s demands but big companies like Netflix and Amazon can’t. He said the treatment of people revealed who supported creative communities and who didn’t. The NYT and Guardian, famous newspapers, covered the comments.

The strike, led by SAG-AFTRA, targets AMPTP studios and streaming sites. This group includes movie companies like Disney, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros., and TV networks. One main point of contention is the 11% higher minimum wage rate, income-sharing guarantees and AI protections. AMPTP members declined, while independent production companies and smaller studios like Neon and A24 accepted.

Adam Driver Speaks on SAG-AFTRA Strike, Questions Big Studios at Venice Film Festival

SAG-AFTRA is reviewing applications for actors to support independent films at fall film festivals like Venice, Telluride, and Toronto. Despite the ongoing strike affecting numerous actors, these events proceed with their highly anticipated global premieres.

As of July 12, independent production companies not part of AMPTP can continue working with SAG-AFTRA performers during the strike. These companies must accept the union’s terms. Smaller studios have done this to continue production.

Driver’s presence at the Venice Film Festival is significant as it reflects the strike’s impact on the film industry. His inquiries to the studios have intensified the debate, increasing pressure on big companies to comply with SAG-AFTRA’s terms. As the strike impacts Hollywood’s production and news cycle, the industry awaits significant events that could influence labor talks.

With Adam Driver’s comments, attention is now on studios and streaming services to meet SAG-AFTRA’s demands and end the Hollywood strike

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