Alice Cooper Vampyre Cosmetics Partnership Ends : Over Controversial Transgender Remarks

Alice Cooper Vampyre Cosmetics Partnership Ends : Alice Cooper’s partnership with Vampyre Cosmetics, an LGBTQ-run beauty brand, has ended. Cooper made controversial comments about transgender issues, calling them a “fad” in a recent interview with Stereogum. This led to the choice. Cooper and Vampyre Cosmetics collaborated on “The Alice Cooper Collection.” It had unique makeup items like guitar-shaped palettes, microphone-shaped lipsticks, and Alice Cooper’s Whiplash mascara.

Following the Stereogum interview, Vampyre Cosmetics announced Cooper would no longer collaborate. Due to Alice Cooper’s recent statement, we won’t collaborate on makeup anymore. The company supports the LGBTQIA+ community and believes in equal access to healthcare. When the relationship was announced on August 14, the cosmetics brand praised Cooper for breaking new ground as a male makeup artist.

Alice Cooper expressed skepticism about the number of young people identifying as transgender in a conversation with Stereogum. “I know there are transgender people, but I’m afraid it’s also a fad, and many people may claim it without genuine reasons,” Cooper said. The singer opposes gender-affirming procedures for minors, arguing against giving young children choices to change their gender.

Alice Cooper Vampyre Cosmetics Partnership Ends

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Cooper said people shouldn’t decide on gender until they are “sexually aware.” He said genitalia is the only way to determine gender. You’re a boy if you have these parts. Cooper said, “If you have those genitals, you’re a girl.” He said that someone may want to change their gender later in life, but their birth gender cannot be changed.

Vampyre Cosmetics praised Alice Cooper for being the first man to wear face makeup when it was considered wrong for men. Cooper was “one of the first male artists to challenge the controversy of face makeup not being just for women,” according to a statement.

The breakup will impact both individuals and their finances. It contributes to the debate on free speech vs. brands endorsing inappropriate individuals. Vampyre Cosmetics may lose money due to Alice Cooper’s fan base, but the company prioritizes social duty over profits.

Alice Cooper’s collaboration with Vampyre Cosmetics celebrated his boundary-pushing makeup, but it ended abruptly due to controversial remarks about transgender individuals. The company’s quick decision highlights the growing importance of social responsibility for brands, especially those representing underrepresented groups.