America Got Talent Results: Surprises, Triumphs, and Heartbreaks of Season 18

America Got Talent Results : In all the criticism, Simon Cowell’s “America’s Got Talent” quips sometimes struck home. The top two acts for this week and 11 acts’ fates were revealed on Wednesday night. The fierce stage presence of Nashville rock band True Villains stunned Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. Cowell didn’t like their original song, “Dead to Me.” Cowell commented, “You’ve got talent, but that song missed the mark for me.” It turned out the country agreed with him. In a heated confrontation with country star Mitch Rossell, host Terry Crews announced True Villains’ elimination.

Mandel, however, joked that he understood the American mood. “The outcomes were expected. A dramatic ending awaits, “joked.

Lavender Darcangelo’s Golden Buzzer-winning performance of Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” was another highlight. She made the top 5 because the crowd loved her. Her longtime supporter, Klum, exclaimed, “Lavender, your ascension in this race makes me happy. America, thank you for your common sense today.”

Along with Darcangelo and Rossell, remarkable teenage ventriloquist Brynn Cummings, fusion artist Oleksandr Leshchenko & Magic Innovations, and charming Adrian Stoica and his dog Hurricane performed.

America Got Talent Results

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Only some people did well in the light. Fire artist Ray Wold, guitar virtuoso John Wines, kinetic dancer Lambros Garcia, avant-garde choir Sainted, and comedian Maureen Langan all lost in the elimination round after failing to make the top five.

Even if everyone was outraged, Cowell always maintained trust in viewers. He stated, “Over the years, America’s verdict has mostly been right on the mark.” “Leaving makes me sad, but staying makes me happy.”

Cummings and Leshchenko performed outstanding shows but needed to obtain more votes. Therefore, Darcangelo, Rossell, and Stoica placed first. Darcangelo reached the top two and qualified for Season 18’s finals with America’s vote.

Klum was moved, saying, “Lavender, your achievement today warms me. Remember our agreement: We’ll carry on till the end.”

In an unexpected turn, Stoica and his lively dog Hurricane beat Rossell and entered this week’s top 2. Cowell, always an excellent judge, commended Stoica and Hurricane’s growth. “The whole point of this platform is to see an act that shines in auditions and improves live,” he remarked.

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