Apple Unique Approach to AI: Elevating Core Products for a Better User Experience

Apple Unique Approach to AI: Apple’s AI approach differs from competitors as it prioritizes enhancing core products rather than significant transformations. The tech giant uses AI in its latest iPhones and Apple Watches. It uses improved chip designs to enhance call answering and photo-taking.

Apple doesn’t use “artificial intelligence” but uses AI in its software without explicitly stating it. Microsoft and Google use AI for significant changes, which isn’t like that. Apple’s caution aligns with concerns about uncontrolled AI development, particularly in generative AI tools.

The Series 9 Watch has a new chip with a four-core Neural Engine for faster machine learning and data processing. Due to this change, Siri is now 25% improved. The ML parts offer novel ways to use the gadget. For instance, they can tap or pinch their watch hand to make a call or check the weather.

Apple’s background hiding feature demonstrates its commitment to user convenience. The company had a portrait mode, but now it automatically blurs the background when people are in the picture.

Apple’s AI aims to enhance user experiences and simplify their lives. It sets it apart in the smartphone market, as AI is increasingly prevalent.

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