Ben Shelton US Open: The Rising Quarterfinalist Poised to be America’s Next Tennis Sensation

Ben Shelton US Open : Ben Shelton, a young American tennis player, defeated Tommy Paul, the 14th-best player in the event, in an impressive match. Ben moved on to the U.S. Open due to his win. He reached the semifinals. The game score was 6-4, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4. The 20-year-old reached the Grand Slam semifinals for the second time this year. Despite Shelton’s overall poor performance in 18 ATP events, his Grand Slam win boosts his career ranking to at least No. 27 globally. On Tuesday, he’ll play against the 10th seed, Frances Tiafoe. This match is crucial as it is one of the most significant American men’s tennis matches in over a decade.

Shelton is gaining popularity quickly. He’s called “Box Office Ben” for his sports skills and entertainment abilities. He is around 6’4″ tall and serves with great power and accuracy. Other players need help to respond. In his match against Paul, he hit serves timed at a crazy 149 mph. These were the fastest serves in the event so far. Despite criticism of Shelton’s style, he believes his enthusiasm enhances his game.

The tennis star’s knowledge of the sport comes from his dad, Bryan Shelton, who used to play professionally and now teaches tennis. Shelton pursued a professional tennis career after winning the NCAA men’s singles title. Roger Federer’s marketing company, TEAM8, noticed him. Shelton’s work is going well as he has a deal with the Swiss company On for shoes and clothes. Federer invested in him as a youth.

Ben Shelton US Open

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Shelton’s journey to tennis stardom was unexpected. He played several sports, but football was his main focus until middle school. He didn’t play in top junior titles or junior Grand Slams. His dad, a former 55th-ranked tennis player in 1992, forbade his son from playing international tournaments. There were pros and cons to this choice. Shelton should have gone on the tour to grow up at his own pace. He rarely played tennis abroad, making it difficult to adapt to different surfaces like red clay or grass. Because of this, it was difficult for him to perform all season.

His dad is now his coach. He quit teaching at the University of Florida to prioritize his son. Ben won a national trophy in his first year at the University of Florida. The following year, he won the NCAA men’s singles title. He and his partner should be closely watched.

Shelton’s unique path to the top is just beginning. He never won consecutive matches on the ATP Tour, but now he’s reached the Grand Slam semifinals twice in a year. You always need to figure out what to expect from him, which makes him interesting. When he plays Frances Tiafoe in the U.S. Open quarterfinals, people worldwide will be watching to see if “Box Office Ben” gets even more famous.

Our Reader’s Queries

Where is Ben Shelton from?

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Shelton’s father was the coach of Georgia Tech’s women’s tennis team. He now resides in Gainesville, Florida and is a graduate of Buchholz High School.

Is Ben Shelton related to Bryan Shelton?

Shelton made a big move in July by signing with Florida. Initially, Bryan had planned to redshirt his son Ben during his freshman season. However, he couldn’t ignore the remarkable progress Ben had made. Ben had gained 15 pounds of muscle, improved his movement, and maintained his ferocious forehand and world-class serve. As a result, Bryan decided to put Ben in the lineup.

Who is Ben Shelton’s sponsor?

Shelton expressed his excitement in joining the Rolex family on social media. He feels honored to partner with a brand that is known for its excellence in the sport.

How much money has Ben Shelton made?

Since enrolling at Florida as a 17-year-old freshman in 2020, Shelton’s life has undergone significant changes. He has amassed almost $3 million in prize money and now resides in his own apartment.

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