Bill Maher Critique of Barbie Film: Gender Roles and Equality

Bill Maher Critique of Barbie Film: Bill Maher, host of Real Time, spoke out about Barbie on the X site, formerly Twitter, on Monday. Since its July 21 release, Margot Robbie’s film adaptation of the renowned character has grossed over a billion dollars. Maher could have been more impressed.

Maher expressed his outrage in several tweets. “I was hoping it wouldn’t be preachy, anti-men, and a #ZombieLie,” he stated, noting that a “zombie lie” is a false assertion that persists. “I was hoping it wouldn’t be preachy, man-hating, and a #ZombieLie,” he joked. Maher chose ‘Barbie’ as an example.

Maher then criticized the movie for showing Mattel’s board with “12 white men!” That’s sexism! He said Mattel’s board of directors has seven males and five women, contradicting the movie. The argument that the meeting is still “patriarchy” was challenged with suspicion, so he utilized the film’s outdatedness to support his claim.

Maher added, “I know, I know, ‘How could I know about the patriarchy?'” “I’m a man!” He proved again that he understood society and knowledge.

Since more than half of Fortune 500 businesses appointed women to their boards last year, Maher said the Mattel board is a better model of gender equality in the country. Maher liked the Barbie picture but kept calling it a “ZombieLie” and asking for a more current perspective.

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However, Maher’s data needed to be updated. In the U.S., Heidrick & Struggles found that just 40% of Fortune 500 company boards were female. The rate was 45% before this. In 2022, only 7% of CEOs were women. According to the Pew Research Center’s latest data, women in the US earn 82% of men’s median hourly salaries.

Maher said “Ken,” a kind farewell and urged that fiction reflect the present. Even if Maher is right and raises, crucial concerns, gender roles and equality continually change.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What does Bill Maher say about the Barbie movie?

Maher admitted that he found Barbie entertaining and had a good time watching it. However, he emphasized that the movie was a “zombie lie,” a concept that was once true but is no longer valid, yet some individuals still cling to it.

Why is the new Barbie movie controversial?

The film showcased the “nine-dash line,” a symbol commonly found on global maps that reinforces China’s territorial claims over the South China Sea. However, Vietnamese government officials argue that this line infringes upon their country’s sovereignty, and including it in the movie was seen as an affront to this belief.

Why did I not like the Barbie movie?

The movie seemed like a lengthy promotion for Mattel, with numerous messages that greatly misrepresent reality. Additionally, it was excessively hyped, but as with most things that receive mass hype, the film failed to meet expectations.

What is the feminist analysis of the Barbie movie?

Barbieland is a film that offers a feminist perspective, showcasing the idea of Bimbo Feminism. The film suggests that women can embrace their femininity and still achieve professional success. Additionally, it serves as a critique of Patriarchy and the manosphere. Overall, Barbieland presents a unique viewpoint that challenges traditional gender roles and encourages women to embrace their true selves.

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