Brightside Music Festival El Paso: A Star-Studded Event That Electrified the City

Brightside Music Festival El Paso : Over Labor Day weekend, El Paso’s Brightside Music Festival happened at Ascarate Park. It drew thousands of people and revived live music in the city after the Sun City Music Festival. Over 25 artists were at the event, including Steve Aoki, Alesso, Young the Giant, Metro Boomin, and Danna Paola. Both attendees and vendors anticipate a large turnout at the event, significantly boosting the city’s income.

The Brightside Music Festival is considered the city’s most important music event since the last Sun City Music Festival in 2017. The event organizers aimed to provide music fans of all ages with an electrifying experience that resonates with their love for live music and festivals. Attendees described the event as a unique opportunity to witness diverse artists in an unconventional music venue.


Brightside Music Festival El Paso

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Local businesses, like Carlos Valle’s lemonade stand at the fair, believe the event will greatly benefit the city’s economy. Valle said the Brightside Music Festival crowd was comparable to numerous smaller events. Other city events attract fewer people. “You’d likely need to attend 5,6,7 events to gather this many people,” Valle said.Besides music events, the festival offers boat rides, henna designs, and stunning views from the Ferris wheel. The aim is to enhance festival-goers’ experience. El Paso residents hope the city can host more events as it grows. “As the city grows, I hope we get more events,” said Valle, echoing a common sentiment.

Festival-goers were excited and looking forward to the event. One of the attendees immediately said, ‘Let’s get the tickets and do something!’ Someone else said, “I’m excited for the energy, music, and meeting new friends.”Residents believe the event will benefit ongoing projects by increasing revenue. An El Pasoan said, “It will bring money to the city and help with ongoing projects.”Though it’s early to gauge the festival’s economic impact, the enthusiasm and large attendance suggest a positive outcome. El Paso residents and businesses hope the Brightside Music Festival becomes a regular attraction. This benefits the city’s culture and economy.The Brightside Music Festival has had a great start, offering music and raising hopes for an annual event that benefits the local economy and cultural scene.

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