Bronx Daycare: Unraveling the Fentanyl Tragedy and Child Safety Concerns

Bronx Daycare: In the Bronx, a drug case shocked the community and puzzled the police. At the core of this alarming situation is a daycare center where parents trust their children to be cared for and nurtured.

Upon hearing of a child having a heart attack at Divino Nino Daycare on Morris Ave in Kingsbridge, first responders quickly arrived. One-year-old Nicholas Dominici died that day, and three other children were seriously hospitalized.

It was evident that fentanyl, a potent synthetic drug, was present in the daycare and caused this tragedy. The kids accidentally touched something deadly, with dire consequences.

The police found fentanyl under the children’s mats. People wondered how a harmful drug entered a place for children’s safety.

Disturbing finds drug tools and 1 kg of fentanyl. This was scary because fentanyl causes drug overdoses. In fact, 80% of drug deaths in the city are due to it.

Ashwin Vasan, NYC health official, warns of fentanyl’s extreme danger. The situation needed quick action and a commitment to avoid future tragedies.

During this scary time, the police investigated more. Carlisto Acevedo Brito and Grei Mendez faced 11 charges, including murder, manslaughter, and assault. The third suspect, Mendez’s husband, remained missing, worsening the case.

Mendez didn’t call 911 right away when her kids passed out. Instead of seeking help, she spoke to her husband several times. On video, the husband and others fled the daycare with bags, raising suspicions.

Influential people in the city were upset about the incident. The crime upset Mayor Eric Adams. He called for a national response to the influx of this dangerous drug into the city. He stressed the need to protect children and communities from such horrors.

In the chaos, people wondered how a daycare could be the site of such a horrific event. The daycare passed an unannounced check without problems. People doubted the daycare center’s safety system.

Parents like Otoniel Feliz, who lost a child, worry about the safety of their other children at daycare. They trusted the babysitter with their prized possessions, expecting care and protection.

The event’s aftermath raises concerns about daycare safety and highlights the deadly impact of the opioid problem on vulnerable individuals.

Our Reader’s Queries

How much does daycare cost in the Bronx?

In Bronx, NY, the current average base rate for infant child care is $21.09 per hour as of December 2023. For those working a 40-hour week, the weekly cost for infant child care is $844, while the monthly cost for 130 hours of work is approximately $2,742.

What happened at Bronx Daycare?

The NYPD recently uncovered a trap floor and drugs concealed within a Bronx day care center, where a tragic incident involving a 1-year-old boy occurred. The child’s suspected fentanyl overdose led to the arrest of Mendez and Brito, who were residing in the center at the time. Court documents reveal that Mendez is the wife of the center’s owner, while Brito is her husband’s cousin and a tenant. The discovery of these illicit substances and hidden trap floor is a concerning development, and authorities are continuing to investigate the matter.

What was the cause of death for the child in Bronx day care?

The recent tragic death of a 1-year-old boy at a day care in the Bronx has been attributed to a fentanyl overdose, according to the New York City medical examiner’s office. The autopsy revealed that Nicholas Dominici’s cause of death was acute fentanyl intoxication. This news is a stark reminder of the dangers of opioid use and the importance of keeping these substances out of the hands of children. Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones of Nicholas during this difficult time.

What is the average cost of daycare in NYC?

The cost of child care can be a significant expense for parents. On average, caring for an infant can cost around $1,760 per month, totaling $21,112 annually. For toddlers, the average cost is slightly lower at $1,365 per month, or $16,380 per year. For children between the ages of 3 and 5, weekly costs can add up to $242, or $968 per month. These expenses can add up quickly, making it important for parents to plan and budget accordingly.

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