Cher Secrets to Youthfulness: At 77, the Icon Shares Her Tips for Staying Young

Cher Secrets to Youthfulness : Cher, a famous singer known for hits like “If I Could Turn Back Time,” shares her secrets to looking youthful at 77. In her “Good Morning Britain” interview, she credited her strong genes and active lifestyle for her youthful appearance. Cher’s mother lived to 96, suggesting genes influence her good health. “The genes in my family are incredible,” said the singer.

Cher emphasized the importance of staying active and keeping up with trends. In a 2022 social media post, the singer mentioned doing abs, Zumba, yoga, wall sits, and a step class for her workouts. “I’ve worked hard to maintain my strength,” she told the Guardian in 2020. Some 20-year-old girls can’t do what I can.

The pop star shows no signs of slowing down and defies societal expectations for women her age. Cher said, “I can’t believe I’ll be 80 sooner than expected.” And I’ll still wear jeans, have long hair, and do the same things. She recalled discussing with her friend Paulette the need to trim their hair and switch to longer clothing, even though she doesn’t do that. Cher said, “I remember my friend Paulette and I talking about when we’d have to cut our hair and stop wearing jeans because that’s what women did back then, and it hasn’t happened yet.”

Cher Secrets to Youthfulness

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Cher said that, along with her workout routine and good genes, staying socially busy with friends has kept her spirits up. I know many young people. She said, “I have old friends too.” Honestly, she was not trying to feel young. I don’t want to be young. I am who I am. I’m doing okay.

On Twitter, Cher (now called X) expressed disbelief at people discussing her age. Okay, can someone PLEASE tell me… How Old Will I Feel? “This is nuts,” she wondered about the numbers. “I don’t understand these numbers,” she said. WHAT’S UP WITH NUMBERS!? I have dyslexia, so numbers are challenging for me.

Cher, 77, is still going strong in showbiz. Her youth and energy keep her in the spotlight, and her recent comments suggest she won’t retire soon. Cher inspires fans of all ages through her songs, workouts, and social media posts.Cher attributes her timeless beauty and energy to good genes, a busy lifestyle, and a carefree attitude towards aging. She remains an icon, not just in music. She’s a symbol of everlasting beauty and youth.

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Cherilyn Sarkisian, famously known as Cher, made her debut in El Centro, California on May 20, 1946.

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Cher values the importance of working out and finds pleasure in doing so. In an interview with Vogue, she revealed that exercising is an integral part of her identity. She expressed that when she skips her workout routine, she feels off and not like herself. Cher believes that working out keeps her feeling youthful and energized.

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