Chip Dox Production Designer Dead at 80: A Lasting Legacy in “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives

Chip Dox Production Designer Dead at 80: Chip Dox, an Emmy-winning production designer and art director, died at 80. Dox died on August 15, according to his family. He had a TV career lasting over 27 years. Chip Dox won an Emmy in 1997 for “Days of Our Lives.” The award was for Set Direction. He also worked on soap operas like “Port Charles” and “General Hospital. “Dox was married to the “Days of Our Lives” producer for 29 years.

He organized shows for acts like Elton John and The Beach Boys on tour. Dox’s daytime TV time was amazing. He worked for 17 years on “Days of Our Lives,” winning his first Emmy for Set Direction in 1997. Dox moved to ABC, continuing his work on soap operas like “Port Charles” and “General Hospital.” Dox won an Emmy before quitting in 2015.

Dox met his future wife, Jeanne Haney, while working on “Days of Our Lives.” Before marrying, the couple worked together for ten years. They recently celebrated 29 years of marriage. Dox’s daughters Morgan, Katie, and Hayley, stepdaughter Megan, and their families still care about him. Dox did more than work on soaps.

He designed tours for acts like Elton John, The Beach Boys, Chicago, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Jackson Browne. He also worked on “Tracey Takes On” with Tracey Ulman and the show “Oh Baby” on Lifetime.

Chip Dox Production Designer Dead at 80

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Dox was born in March 1943. He attended Carnegie Institute of Technology, now Carnegie Mellon University, and did local theater. He served in the Army for two years before returning to his old school as a teacher. Despite a rejection letter in 1970, Dox remained determined to succeed in Hollywood.

His hard work paid off, leading to a successful job with awards and peer respect. After retiring, Dox continued to assist aspiring art directors. He also helped at charity events on Broadway and with homeless aid groups.

“Chip passed away on August 15, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of his loved ones, colleagues, and productions,” his obituary said. His work has made a lasting impact on the TV industry, and he will be remembered for his creativity, hard work, and influence on both daytime and nighttime TV.

Chip Dox’s death marks the end of an era in TV production design, but his impact will endure for years. His family and the business world mourn the loss of a true pioneer.

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