Commanders End Ravens Preseason Streak : An Unpredictable Turn of Events

Commanders End Ravens Preseason Streak : Some US professional sports records are more important than others. Joey Slye’s 29-28 triumph over the Baltimore Ravens ended one of the least relevant winning streaks. With this win, the Ravens ended their 2016-started 24-game preseason winning run.

A 49-yard field goal by Slye with nine seconds left demonstrated his abilities. This broke the Ravens’ winning streak and set a record. Ravens cornerback Kyu Kelly stopped a two-point convert against Commander’s fullback Alex Armah to tie the game at 28.

The Ravens lost to quarterback Anthony Brown Jr. as time expired. Washington had a 4th-and-11 on their side of the field, and a pass interference call saved their drive. This comeback allowed Jake Fromm and Kazmeir Allen to make a brilliant 8-yard throw, setting up Slye’s crucial field goal.

Fromm focused on understanding the Ravens’ defense and didn’t consider ending their winning streak. Baltimore’s coach, John Harbaugh, disagreed that the streak needed to be more important. He added those who don’t care about these wins need to realize how much labor and commitment go into preseason games.

Commanders End Ravens Preseason Streak

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According to Harbaugh, the team’s winning streak shows that it practices, meets and develops players and scouts well. Harbaugh said players’ devotion and commitment are most important in football, regardless of the situation. People who are brave, resolute, and willing to face obstacles are the best in the game.

Two teams with first-round draft picks played the opening drive. The Ravens’ 22nd-overall choice Zay Flowers and the Commanders’ 16th-overall pick Emmanuel Forbes fought. Flowers became famous with an 11-yard catch and 26-yard score. New Commanders quarterback Sam Howell showed his mettle with 188 yards and two scores in the last minutes of the first half.

Since the teams practiced before the game, energy and teamwork were shown. On the field, tempers were high from earlier battles. Despite the excitement, the Commanders won, ending the Ravens’ preseason dominance.

Nebraska freshman tight end Travis Vokolek, who wasn’t drafted, scored two touchdowns in the second half. The Ravens broke Vince Lombardi’s 1959–1962 Green Bay Packers record in 2021.

The Commanders’ success highlights how unpredictable sports are since records and winning runs can be broken in one game. The Washington Commanders-Baltimore Ravens game showed competition. It showed how harsh and passionate professional football is.