Controversial Appointment and Corruption Allegations Surround Hunter Biden Inquiry

Even some long-time advocates for a special counsel for the Hunter Biden inquiry have criticized David Weiss‘ appointment. AG Merrick Garland stayed in Justice Dept despite public support for outsiders. Whistleblowers claim Weiss was involved in a questionable probe, raising concerns.

Garland’s failure to investigate President Biden’s corruption scandal is a major omission. The corruption claims, involving a $20 million network of transactions from foreign corporations, some linked to foreign intelligence services, aren’t under investigation.

The media is ignorant. A money exchange with Joe Biden is needed for press coverage. Journalists avoid independent research, like Garland. They also ignore evidence of secret financial conduits to hide these transactions.

Hunter Biden exploited his father’s position and connections, despite Joe Biden’s denials. Critics claim direct money enters Biden’s accounts, contrary to the intended purpose of the covert mechanism.

Controversial Appointment and Corruption Allegations Surround Hunter Biden Inquiry
Image: Hunter Biden

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This bribe is a paradox, matching Slavic folktales where the main character faces impossible tasks or ventures into the unknown for unclear rewards. A hidden computer deposit or currency for Joe Biden is unlikely. This is backed by Rep. William Jefferson’s fridge cash find. In higher levels of influence peddling, directly paying the principal is like a sin and leads to expulsion from the corruption consortium.

Heath’s acting failed for these reasons. His actions sparked curiosity, leaving officials puzzled rather than alarmed. Heath’s prison conduct involved faking heart failure. This presentation was a confusing mix of real and fake illnesses, as seen in a medical exam.

Heath’s show ended badly. After clearance, he was moved to SPHIDF, ending his odd behavior. His record hid his great steal.

Sheriff Staly called Heath a “serial criminal” who needs to change or face the consequences. This tale highlights a broader issue. It shows how a system balances justice and strange behavior.

This story ends with questions. Heath’s behavior may offer insight into crime psychology and law enforcement. Each turn reveals society’s paradoxes, forcing us to consider human conduct that is hard to explain

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