Corbin Bleu and Constance Wu to Star in Off Broadway : Little Shop of Horrors Revival

Corbin Bleu and Constance Wu to Star in Off Broadway : Corbin Bleu and Constance Wu will star in the off-Broadway revival of “Little Shop of Horrors,” per the show’s announcement. The stars will replace Jeremy Jordan and Joy Woods on September 17 and 24. On September 26, Bleu and Wu will perform with Audrey II, the famous carnivorous plant.In 2019, “Little Shop of Horrors” returned to the Westside Theatre off-Broadway. Bleu and Wu will perform next to Broadway stars Bryce Pinkham, Brad Oscar, and Aaron Arnell Harrington.

Wu and Bleu both expressed excitement about their new jobs. Wu, known for “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Hustlers,” said “Little Shop” is her favorite musical since childhood. She said that she related to the character of Audrey because, like Audrey, she is “scrappy” and finds beauty in simple things. Bleu, from “High School Musical,” called the chance “a dream come true.”

Corbin Bleu and Constance Wu to Star in Off Broadway

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Wu has acted in community theater in Richmond, Virginia, and was the main character on ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” from 2015 to 2020. Wu is an actress who published her first book, “Making a Scene,” and recently had her second child. Since his Broadway debut in 2010, Bleu has been in several stage shows. He finished a run in “Summer Stock” at Connecticut’s Goodspeed Opera House.The casting news comes as both stars explore new creative paths. Wu has been multitasking as a mom and writer. In the last two seasons of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” Bleu returned to Disney Channel.

Wu was drawn to this new part because of the “thrill of live theater.” Bleu also mentioned that their love for live theater brings them joy, and they are excited to discover their dynamic on stage.

“Little Shop of Horrors” became a film in 1960. In 1982, it became a stage show and has been performed frequently since. The musical is about a nerdy florist named Seymour who discovers a strange plant that brings him fame and fortune, but with a sinister price. It includes popular songs like “Suddenly Seymour,” “Skid Row,” and “Feed Me.”

With Wu and Bleu joining the cast, “Little Shop of Horrors” continues its tradition of diverse casting. Fans eagerly anticipate the actors’ chemistry and energy in this beloved musical as they prepare for their new roles.

Our Reader’s Queries

How long will Corbin Bleu be in Little Shop of Horrors?

Little Shop of Horrors will soon bid farewell to Constance Wu and Corbin Bleu, who have been portraying the iconic roles of Seymour and Audrey since September 26. The talented duo will continue to captivate audiences until January 28, 2024, after which they will depart the production. Wu and Bleu took over from Joy Woods and Jeremy Jordan, and have since brought their own unique flair to the beloved characters. Don’t miss your chance to catch their incredible performances before they take their final bow.

Is Little Shop of Horrors on Broadway or Off-Broadway?

Experience the thrill of Little Shop of Horrors, the Off-Broadway sensation that’s taking the theater world by storm. This darkly comedic musical follows the story of a hapless florist who discovers a bloodthirsty plant with a taste for human flesh. With catchy tunes and a talented cast, Little Shop of Horrors is a must-see for anyone looking for a night of entertainment that’s both hilarious and chilling. Don’t miss your chance to witness this cult classic come to life on stage. Get your tickets now!

What Broadway show was Corbin Bleu in?

With a string of impressive Broadway credits to his name, this talented performer has left audiences spellbound time and time again. From his unforgettable portrayal of Jesus in Godspell to his award-winning turn as a male dancer in Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn, he has proven himself to be a true force to be reckoned with on the stage. Other notable credits include Kiss Me Kate and In the Heights, where he brought his unique style and energy to the role of Usnavi. With his exceptional talent and undeniable charisma, it’s no wonder he’s become one of the most sought-after performers in the business.

Who is replacing Jeremy Jordan in little shop?

Bleu and Wu have made their Off-Broadway debuts in Little Shop of Horrors, taking over from Jeremy Jordan and Joy Woods in the cast. This marks an exciting new chapter for both actors as they step into these iconic roles. Little Shop of Horrors is a beloved classic that has captured the hearts of audiences for decades, and Bleu and Wu are sure to bring their own unique flair to the production. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the stage!

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