Crowsworn is delayed: The Impact of Growth and High Expectations

Crowsworn is delayed due to its growth. Hollow Knights Silksong, which inspired Crowsworn, had similar issues.
Crowsworn’s designers announced on Kickstarter on August 8 that the game’s December 2023 release date had been postponed. This choice was influenced by the unexpected, ten-fold increase in money. This extra money raised the bar, so the development team had to produce a ten times bigger and better game than they had originally planned. This resulted in a game ten times bigger and better than what the development team originally envisioned.

The game’s increased size has delayed Crowsworn’s release. The game’s natural growth slowed Crowsworn’s release. Crowsworn’s dedicated developers, Mongoose Rodeo, say the project has grown faster than intended. Hollow Knight Silksong was delayed from the first half of 2023 because of its growth. Hollow Knight Silksong faced comparable growing hurdles. This period of growth that causes temporary obstacles is strikingly comparable to where we are currently.

Crowsworn is delayed The Impact of Growth and High Expectations
image: crowsworn

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Team Cherry, which made Hollow Knight Silksong, revealed at the start of this year that the sequel’s size had increased, delaying its release until after July 2023. Team Cherry announced this. The Crowsworn and Hollow Knight Silksong have been postponed due to their designs’ oddly comparable proportions. Pattern sizes caused both delays. However, Crowsworn’s producers are held to a higher standard because of their dedicated supporters’ financial support and high expectations. Their dedicated followers’ generous donations set these standards.

Video game development is hard. Many agree. After reading this, Crowsworn’s creators are easy to sympathize with. They must compete with Hollow Knight Silksong and develop a game worthy of their big budget. They must ensure the game’s quality.

As long as Crowsworn is in development, “Demo” Kickstarter backers will receive a demo when it’s ready. Team Cherry’s update may allow fans to experience the hard-to-find Hollow Knight Silksong fully

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