Dallas Training Camp: Christopher Gibson and Solag Bakich Elevate Stars Shine Bright

Dallas Training Camp: The Dallas Stars are known for savvy last-minute moves. They added two players to their training camp team: goalie Christopher Gibson and forward Solag Bakich with PTOs. Fans of the Stars and hockey fans are thrilled about these late guests.

Christopher Gibson, 30, has played a little. He shares knowledge with the team. His NHL journey displayed his hard work and talent. Gibson’s NHL career began in 2011 when the Kings drafted him 49th. In 2013-14, he was chosen by the Toronto Maple Leafs but didn’t play.

Gibson spent 2 years in the Maple Leafs’ system before the NHL with the Islanders. Gibson did well in the NHL, with a 1-1-1 record in 3 games. Gibson had a 10-year AHL career with a history of 124 wins, 77 losses, and 37 ties. It showcases his goalie skill with 14 shutouts. Gibson won the 2021 Stanley Cup. This is an excellent addition to his accomplishments.

Solag Bakich is a rising star at ND University. In college, his best year was 2021–2022, with 17 points in 35 games. Bakich’s hard work paid off with a successful season. But what he did after college season caught his attention.
Dallas Training Camp
Bakich excels in ECHL shooting. He had 3 goals and 10 points in 12 games. He did well in the playoffs, with 8 games and 4 points. Bakich got a new contract for 2023-2024 for his excellent performance. If Bakich signs with the Dallas Stars, it would be a significant career step as his first NHL deal. Bakich entered undrafted, which is a big deal. This adds to his story’s thrill.

Defenseman Jordie Benn and goalie Brandon Halverson, on tryout offers, are expected to impress at NHL training camps. Management thinks new players will improve the team and make them stars. Despite tough competition, the Stars are committed to maintaining their strong hockey track record.

As camps progress and competition intensifies, the Dallas Stars and fans await new stars and a fresh start in 2023.