Exciting College Football Showdown: Toledo vs. San Jose State Predictions and Stats

Exciting College Football Showdown: Prepare for an exciting college football game on September 16, 2023, when San Jose State Spartans (1-2) play Toledo Rockets (1-0) at Glass Bowl. The Rockets are favored to win with an 8-point lead. The game’s over/under is 56.5, so it should be exciting.

Our algorithm predicts a game between San Jose State (+8) and Toledo (29), with the final score being San Jose State 36 and Toledo 29. The guesses are made by an algorithm that uses head-to-head game data in a closed network. The confidence level of the prediction is based on the teams’ power score difference.

Here are the numbers comparing Toledo and SJSU: Toledo’s offense is solid. They average 49.5 points per game, 12th rank. Their defense allows 16.5 points per game, ranking 39th. San Jose State averages 34.7 points per game (8th), but their defense gives up 33.7 points (128th). Both teams excel at forcing and capitalizing on mistakes, ranked 12th.

Toledo won both games and covered the spread. As an 8-point favorite, they won their lone game. The total points scored in Toledo’s games this season exceeded the line. SJSU covered the spread in 2 games this season. One game was a loss by more than 8 points. San Jose State and Toledo’s games have all surpassed the total points line this season.

DeQuan Finn, Jacquez Stuart, Jerjuan Newton, Junior Vandeross III, CC Ezirim, Terrance Taylor, Dallas Gant, and Nate Bauer are important Toledo players to watch. Chevan Cordeiro, Quali Conley, Kairee Robinson, Nick Nash, Charles Ross, Sam Olson, Tre Smith, and Bryun Parham are vital players for San Jose State.

Get ready for an exciting game: Toledo vs. San Jose State. There will be action and exciting plays in this game.

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