Ferrari Track Only Marvel: The Unleashed Power of the Ferrari 499P Modificata

Ferrari Track Only Marvel : Ferrari’s latest creation, the Ferrari 499P Modificata, emerges from the success of its Le Mans 24 Hour champion. This track-only hypercar, built for pure exhilaration, is not meant for competition but designed for those who yearn to savor Ferrari’s hybrid prototype prowess without the scrutiny of a live audience. Free from FIA regulations, engineers have unlocked the full potential of its advanced hybrid powertrain, pushing it beyond limits.

Notably, drivers of the 499P Modificata can harness the all-wheel drive system even at high speeds, outstripping its Le Mans counterpart. A ‘push-to-pass’ button on the steering wheel grants a surge of 120kW for seven seconds, granting track-day enthusiasts access to the V6 hybrid’s formidable 640kW power output, while the race car is restricted to 520kW.

To make it more approachable for everyday drivers, Ferrari has fine-tuned engine and traction control mapping, introducing a start assist program that ensures stability even for those without F1-level reflexes. Specially developed Pirelli slick tires offer quicker warm-up and predictable handling.

The 499P Modificata remains faithful to its Le Mans-winning twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 powerplant and carbon-fibre monocoque chassis. Inside, it retains the single-seat setup, tailored for endurance racing.

Ferrari’s Sport Prototipi Clienti program supports owners in optimizing their 499 Modificata and handles logistics, simplifying the track day experience. While Ferrari has not disclosed production numbers or pricing, early reports suggest a hefty price tag of around €5.1 million before taxes ($A8.5m) for the full Le Mans racer prototype adventure.

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