Gun Suicides Surge: Stricter Gun Safety Laws Make a Difference

Gun Suicides Surge: As US gun deaths rise, the contrast between strict and loose gun safety rules in states is notable. In the past 20 years, gun suicides increased by 39% in states with more flexible laws but slightly declined in states with stricter rules. The Everytown for Gun Safety study emphasizes the importance of laws in these results.

Everytown ranks 50 gun safety rules in each state as “leaders” or “failures.” Background checks and “red flag” laws aid in preventing high-risk individuals from acquiring firearms. States with stricter gun laws have lower gun suicide rates, indicating the significance of the policy.

Over 70,500 lives could have been saved from gun suicides since 1999 with strict gun safety rules in all states. Guns are the deadliest method of suicide, with a nearly 90% fatality rate. Guns should be harder to get.

Over 40% of US 10–17-year-old deaths are from suicide, per federal data. Guns are the leading cause of death now. The Everytown study shows state differences in child gun suicides, especially about safe gun storage laws. In states with loose gun storage rules, gun suicides among ages 10 to 24 have risen by 35% in the last 20 years.

Limiting gun access prevents suicide. By acting responsibly, people can protect families and reduce gun risks.

The study suggests strong gun safety laws are needed to address rising gun suicides, especially among youth.

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