Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Divorce: A Peek Inside the Custody Agreement and Resolutions

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Divorce : Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez may have ended their marriage after eight turbulent years.

USA TODAY reviewed a 33-page dossier and found that the celebrity parents of 9-year-old Maceo had agreed on their divorce and custody arrangements. The paper was obtained by USA TODAY.

The Tuesday Los Angeles Superior Court document states that Berry and Martinez share legal and physical custody of Maceo. With protection comes the responsibility to provide for Maceo’s legal and physical needs. Guardianship involves legal and physical tasks. Berry, 57, will pay Martinez $8,000 monthly in child support. Berry will also give 4.3% of Martinez’s $2 million+ gains. All of this follows the two sides’ agreement.

The Oscar-winning actress will also finance Maceo’s private school, extracurriculars, medical, and mental health treatment.

Following their mid-2013 marriage, the couple had their first child in October, making them proud parents. Their wedding was short-lived, as they divorced in 2015.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Divorce
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Martinez’s lawyer, Matthew K. Skarin, told USA TODAY that the material should explain itself. He discussed it with the press. The parents want specific boundaries concerning their son’s routine and how much time they may spend with him.

The custody arrangement specifies Maceo’s weekly time with each parent. It also alternates weekend custody between parents because custody plans alter yearly and consider holidays like Maceo’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, school breaks, and other key days.

Maceo can chat with the other guardian for 30 minutes daily via voice or video while residing with one. This happens whether Maceo lives with either parent. In the upheaval of the divorce, Maceo was advised to attend solo and group counseling. Berry had custody, but he could only go every two weeks. Berry’s daughter Nahla, from her relationship with Gabriel Aubry, can attend these sessions with her mother. However, Berry’s boyfriend, Van Hunt, needs help to win the challenge.

The agreement emphasizes good manners between Berry and Martinez and states that neither can harm the other’s image in Maceo, public, or online. The contract also requires Berry and Martinez to remain polite.

Our Reader’s Queries

Why did Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry split?

According to a source, the couple has faced numerous challenges due to their strong-willed personalities and unwillingness to compromise. Halle has reportedly threatened to file for divorce multiple times following heated arguments, while Martinez is said to have a volatile temper that can quickly spiral out of control. Friends have described his temper as being “hair-trigger” and “out-of-control.”

Who is Oliver Martinez married to now?

April 27th, 2003 marked the day when the renowned actress, Halle Berry, decided to end her marriage with Eric Ben?t. The reason behind their separation was Ben?t’s alleged infidelity, which had caused a rift in their relationship. Despite their success in their respective careers, their marital problems had reached an insurmountable level, leading to the unfortunate decision to part ways.

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