Ideogram AI gives lesson to Midjourney : with a user friendly interface

Ideogram AI gives lesson to Midjourney : Even though the market is already full of AI tools like Midjourney, Adobe’s Firefly, and OpenAI’s Dalle-2, former Googlers Chitwan Saharia, William Chan, and Jonathan Ho have created Ideogram AI. Ideogram AI received $16.5 million in startup funding from A16z and others. Users demand its characteristics, which could threaten the long-time winners.

Former Google scientists created Ideogram AI. A new suite of text-to-image tools will compete in AI art. Users claim Ideogram’s platform is easier and better at various jobs than Midjourney’s. Despite its popularity, Midjourney has been criticized for its lack of user-friendly features and sign-up options. The AI art-tech community is in legal trouble due to copyright breaches and data theft.

Since its launch, Midjourney has attracted about a lakh users daily. But recent modifications, like removing free trials and making Discord entrance less evident, have made it less tempting. Users are frustrated by the difficulty of “getting Discord, joining the beta, signing up, and then landing on the Discord server.” They desire user-friendly tools.

Ideogram AI gives lesson to Midjourney
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Ideogram vs. Midjourney: Early Results and Feedback
The two sites were tested by AIM’s creative director, Nevin Thomas. He thought Midjourney was superior at producing visuals from text questions but Ideogram at adding words. A test question about “Astronauts at a space station holding a sign that says “WE ARE HERE,” photo” indicated that the platforms understood it differently. The extra browser tools and built-in social media features make Ideogram seamless. It established its mark, demonstrating its expertise, notably in logo design.

Saharia, Chan, and Ho are knowledgeable because they worked on Google’s AI initiatives like Imagen. The three people want to address AI art tech users’ needs at the outset of Ideogram.

Changes and battles have occurred in art and AI. Midjourney may create over 15 billion images in months. However, it causes legal issues. Sarah Andersen, Kelly McKernan, and Karla Ortiz claimed that Midjourney and other sites used their work without permission. The current law seems to help AI tools.

Midjourney founder David Holz hasn’t taken the claims seriously. John Oliver’s quip about Holz’s indifference to the accusations fuels art-tech debate. However, Adobe is confident that Firefly will not breach copyrights. It even compensates firms sued for its tool’s images. Ideogram’s solution is to promote innovation while maintaining “high standards for trust and safety.” Industry heavyweights like OpenAI’s Andrej Karpathy and Cohere’s co-founder Nick Frosst have immediately adopted it.

Ideogram AI is relatively young, but its speed and features suggest a bright future. Only time will tell how favorable user feedback will change AI art and engineering.