James Gunn Deletes Facebook : Over Controversial Batman Comments

James Gunn Deletes Facebook : James Gunn, a movie director, deleted his Facebook account due to controversial comments about Batman movies by Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan. Reports say that Gunn, familiar with online drama, took this step to prevent further damage and avoid resurfacing old controversial comments.Netizens criticized Gunn for calling Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies “boring” and claiming that “Batman Begins isn’t good.” These resurfaced words from 11 years ago caused a backlash, forcing Gunn to take action.

The Direct reports that James Gunn deleted his Facebook account to prevent old, controversial comments from resurfacing. The director must still address the viral comments from over a decade ago about Batman movies. This is Gunn’s latest effort to clean up his digital trail and improve his image.

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James Gunn criticized parts of classic Batman movies in a 2013 Facebook post. He said Michael Keaton’s Batman had a “ridiculous voice,” and Tim Burton’s Batman was “poorly written” and “one of the most boring films ever.” He didn’t like Jack Nicholson as the Joker. He said, “Fuck you, Jack Nicholson, and everyone else in that travesty.”Gunn also disliked Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, adding to his controversial views. “I don’t think Nolan’s movies are classics, and Batman Begins isn’t that good,” he wrote.

Peter Safran and James Gunn now have key roles at DCU. James Gunn frequently uses social media to debunk rumors, respond to trolls, and reassure fans. But his past actions on social media have backfired, resulting in backlash and prompting him to reconsider his online presence.

James Gunn has a history of past controversies. The filmmaker is praised and criticized for his social media interaction with the public. He’s known for being open and honest on these platforms. Amidst the uproar, people wonder if this scandal will impact Gunn’s role in the DC Universe, given prior concerns about his choices.We’re unsure how this incident will impact James Gunn’s career and public image. The director is taking steps to limit the damage, including deleting his Facebook account.

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